LeapFrog Mobile Med Kit

The LeapFrog mobile med kit is a great toddler toy that includes four medical role playing tools (a stethoscope, an otoscope, a thermometer and a syringe) inside a larger ambulance toy.  The ambulance has a friendly face, a carry handle and plays lots of songs and sound effects as your child plays. The light at the front also lights up and flashes.

LeapFrog mobile med kitAlthough we have lots of pretend play toys, we did not have any medical sets and Mr R has been really enjoying playing with this. All of the pieces included in the set are strong and sturdy and I’m sure they will continue to last really well.

It’s really nice to see how these simple tools have prompted so much pretend play. Mr R knew exactly what to do with all of the tools, and was very keen to do check ups on the rest of the family and on his favourite cuddly toys.

LeapFrog Mobile Med KitRole play is great for children’s development, and Mr R at 3 years old is very interested in this type of pretend play. It offers a great chance to develop speech and language skills too as you join in together with their play. It’s also the perfect type of play to learn cooperative play, practising how to take turns between siblings as the doctor and the patient, and listening to each other.

You can also use these activities to prepare children for any upcoming medical appointments. Mr R was very interested in the syringe so we used the chance to talk about injections and how they can help to protect you from illness. I feel that it’s useful for toddlers and preschoolers to start to understand about these things so that they won’t be so worried when they do need to have their injections!

LeapFrog Mobile Med KitThe songs and sounds included in the ambulance include “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” to help children learn the different body parts, and some medical sound effects like sneezes, the sound of the beating heart, nee naww of the ambulance, and suggestions like “a cold you say? thermometer’s the tool!” You can set the volume between two levels if you need to have it a little quieter at times.

Mr R’s favourite aspect of the toy at the moment is all the medical equipment, but when he was two I think it would have been the ambulance, so the mobile med kit will grow with a child and appeal to their different interests.

You can buy the LeapFrog mobile med kit from many toy shops including Amazon. The RRP is £17.99 and current price on Amazon is only £12.99 which is really good value. The toy is suitable for age 2+ and should offer hours of fun play. We would recommend it.

LeapFrog mobile med kit


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