10 Inspirational Sea Glass Collage Examples

Sea glass is such a beautiful and unique material to work so we wanted to share some gorgeous sea glass collage examples today.

We’ve got some beautiful sea glass collages to inspire your art. These creative sea glass creations were made using sea glass found on beaches all around the world.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create your art from sea glass found on the beach then read on.

sea glass collage

What is Sea Glass?

Sea glass is the remains of broken glass that has been washed into the sea or ocean, and transformed over time into beautiful natural frosted glass.

Sea glass comes in different colors and if you are lucky enough to find some it is a brilliant material for crafting or making jewellery.

clear sea glass

A few questions about sea glass that you may have been wondering, before we look at a few examples of sea glass collages for your sea glass craft inspiration.

How long does it take for glass to become sea glass?

Around 7-10 years in a constant surf environment is enough to transform regular glass waste into beautiful sea glass.

What is the rarest color of seaglass?

Red Sea glass is one of the most rare colors of sea glass to find, along with orange. Simply because you don’t see much red and orange glass around.

Red Sea glass rarest sea glass color

Naturally, clear glass is quite common and so are green and brown bottles (beer bottles left on beaches) so you’ll be more likely to find this.

All sea glass is beautiful and special to find, regardless of the color.

sea glass in hand

Exploring Beach Collage with Kids

You can find all kinds of things on the beach to use for collages, not only sea glass.

For example

  • pebbles or stones
  • sea shells
  • sea weed
  • sticks
  • barnacles

Check out this list for beach combing inspiration, don’t take more than you need and you can even make your collages on the sand at the beach and leave the items on the beach rather than removing everything.

beach combing

What type of glue should I use for sea glass collage?

You need a strong glue for this, for example wood glue.

However, especially with kids you can play with sea glass making collages without committing to stick it down. That way after making one design, you can mix it up and make another.

Taking a photograph is a great way to preserve your sea glass collage.

If you’re not having any luck finding sea glass at the beach, you can actually make your own in a rock tumbler or buy some sea glass to use for your collages.

Sea Glass Collage Examples

Sea Glass Collage Examples – Beautiful Sea Glass Inspiration

You’ll find some gorgeous sea glass collages here!

Sea Glass Heart

Use two colors of sea glass to create a distinct shape like a love heart, or you could make a star, a moon or whatever you prefer.

sea glass collage heart

Sea Glass Ocean

Represent the ocean with a sea glass collage using greens, blue, turquoise and white

sea glass ocean art

Sea Glass Circle

Use negative space and gradient colors to create this effective circle collage

sea glass collage mosaic

Sea Glass Flower

Make your own beautiful daisy or sunflower using pieces of sea glass from the beach

sea glass flower

Ombre Sea Glass

Gradient the colors from light to dark to create an ombre sea glass master piece.

ombre sea glass

Sea Glass Rainbow Colors

If you are lucky enough to collect sea glass of all different colors, arrange them into your own rainbow

rainbow sea glass

Sea Glass Glass Bottle Collage

This sea glass bottle collage is a clever idea, to re-form the sea glass back into what it originally was

sea glass bottle art

Sea Glass Message in a Bottle

Or make a play on the message in a bottle idea.

sea glass message in a bottle

Sea Glass Crab Collage

This sea glass mixed media collage uses a mixture of sea glass, shells and other found items to create a beach collage of a crab

sea glass beach collage crab

Sea Glass 3D Sculpture

Build the sea glass upwards to create a beautiful tower that shines in the light.

sea glass 3d structure

Where to Find Sea Glass

In the UK, the best beach for sea glass is Seaham Hall beach in Durham.

In the US, the best beaches for sea glass are found in California particularly Glass Beach, California

However, please check the local regulations before picking up and taking the sea glass.

sea glass beach

More Creative Craft Inspiration

Here are some more fun and creative ideas to make with the kids, with an ocean theme, or ideas that are perfect for summer

Have fun!


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