Paper Plate Sunflower

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We love paper plate crafts and this paper plate sunflower is a simple but fun one. It’s pretty easy and just involves sticking everything into place.

Paper plate sunflower

You will need:

  • Paper plate
  • Brown tissue paper for the middle of the flower
  • Yellow card for the petals
  • Green card for the leaves
  • A wooden stick (if you don’t have one – try using a strong straw)
  • Cellotape and glue

Stick down all the petals first, and then the centre of the sunflower.

This paper plate sunflower was made by Z.


If you want it to stand up, then you can use some plasticine to make a base for it at the bottom of a pot like this:


It keeps it standing quite firmly upright. Ours is standing in this clay pot, also made by Z

paper plate sunflower

If you want to join in with more sunflower crafts then check this beautiful craft idea for how to make sunflower coasters – they look great!

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  1. this is now on my to do list for this week with my little girl she was upset the other day because her sun flower has started to wilt,this will cheer her up dont kow why i didnt think of it 🙂


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