Kids Christmas Stockings on a Budget: Fill a Christmas stocking for just £35 Challenge

The average cost to fill a Christmas stocking is anywhere from £45-£108, depending on which study you read. But we are here to help you fill your Kids Christmas Stockings on a Budget. This year, we are taking part in a festive challenge with Rex London to fill a Christmas stocking for just £35!

You might think budget stocking fillers means low quality or cheap plastic tat that is going to end up in the bin by the New Year but actually I was really impressed with the lovely things that I was able to select from Rex London without breaking the bank.

Ideas to fill Kids Christmas Stockings on a Budget

Let me take you through all of the Christmas stocking filler products that we chose…

Stocking Fillers for Creative Kids

If you have kids who love to use their creativity, then arts and crafts supplies is a no brainer for their Christmas stocking. These type of products give hours of fun, and do not take up tonnes of space in your playroom, as the kids will use them up and then you can replenish them again in next year’s Christmas stocking.

As kids, my sister and I would always go straight for the felt tips, colouring pencils and craft supplies after opening our Christmas stockings on Christmas morning so these items are a must for me.

Print out some of our free colouring pages to keep the kids busy with their new arts and craft supplies on Christmas morning.

stocking filler ideas for creative kids

Space Age Stickers £2.95

Three sticker sheets featuring rocket ships, planets and astronauts from the Rex London Space Age collection, so space-mad little ones can make their stationery look out of this world!

My 4 year old daughter N, like most children, can not resist stickers and this space set looks like so much fun for creating space scenes and decorating our space themed arts and crafts projects together.

space stickers for kids

Rex London Butterfly Garden Highlighters Stamp Pens set of 6 for £3.95

This pretty Butterfly Garden pack features six pens, each with a highlighter tip at one end and a fun stamp at the other, perfect for mini multitaskers!

I love the bright neon colours and N will adore the little shapes especially the butterflies, they are so cute!

stamper pens for kids

Coloured Chalks Pack of 12 for £1.50

Chalk is a classic, whether for drawing and writing on blackboards, making striking art work on black paper or decorating the pavements once the weather warms up a bit. My kids can always use some more chalk! This set includes orange, green, yellow, purple and red chalk.

coloured chalk pack

Magic Colour Changing Pens set of 12 for 5.95

Magic colour changing pens are so cool and fun – simply draw with the coloured felt tips, and then use the magic pen to reveal the colour change. There are so many fun festive arts and crafts ideas that kids could make using these pens on Christmas morning!

magic colour changing pens

Playful Stocking Filler Toys and Games for Kids

A few small toys and games for your child’s Christmas stocking does not need to be too expensive. I came across some gorgeous finds at Rex London which will provide hours of fun.

good value toys and games for kids stockings at christmas

Colourful Creatures Heads And Tails Game for £5.95

This fun game of mix and match is beautifully illustrated and so appealing to play with. I know N will find it hilarious to put together these crazy combinations for mixed up animals.

The backs of each tile have numbers on them to help children match up – so as well as fun, you’re also sneaking in a little bit of learning. Perfect!

animal mix and match game

Wonders Of Nature Magnifying Glass for £2.95

A magnifying glass is a brilliant stocking filler for curious kids, this can be used all year round to get up close and personal with all kinds of bugs, flowers, pebbles and everything else in the natural world. There is also a spy packaged version available if that is more your kid’s vibe.

magnifying glass for kids

Periodic Table 150 Piece Mini Puzzle In A Tube for £3.95

Okay, this will be a little bit tricky for my 4 year old but I had to get it because I am a bit of a nerd – and how cool is this!?

This periodic table puzzle will be fun to put together with me and her older siblings, and if you have a mini genius then you need this for their Christmas stocking. It’s so cute the way it all comes packaged in a little test tube and is brilliantly priced.

periodic table puzzle gift in a test tube

Stocking Filler Accessories for Children

N is really into dressing up and accessorising at the moment (yes, she considers plasters as a premium accessory too!)

Stocking fillers like little hair clips and accessories are a great idea, as they are the perfect size to pop into a stocking, and they are something practical which gets so much use throughout the year while still being exciting to open if you have a little girl who is into this type of thing.

accessories for kids christmas stocking

Miko the Panda Hairclips set of 2 for £1.95

How cute are these? Perfect for animal lovers. My little niece is crazy about pandas so I think I need to pick up a set of these for her too. The girls will love picking out their favourite animals to wear in their hair each morning.

cute panda hair clips with heart shaped packaging

Wild Wonders Leopard Hairclips set of 2 for £1.95

These leopard hair clips are also super cute and fierce. The price for these hair clip sets is so reasonable and the quality is lovely!

wild wonders leopard hair clips

Wild Wonders Plasters Tin Pack of 30 for £3.95

Plain plasters may be practical but they are no fun. N and her friends really love fun plasters like these. Picking out a lion or an elephant can really take their mind off their minor injuries! So this is another practical yet fun idea that you won’t regret adding to your child’s stocking.

animal themed stickers in a tin for kids

Total for all of these brilliant stocking fillers: £35.05 – Mission accomplished.

I feel pretty happy with this stocking, and being able to check that off my to do list for only £35 is a real win.

Find all of these Stocking Filler gifts and more, on the Rex London website! Happy Shopping!

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