Scrunched Tissue Paper Autumn Leaf – Fall Craft

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It’s starting to get a little colder and the kids are either back at school already (in Scotland and USA) or will be going back soon. There’s no doubt about it, Autumn / Fall is on it’s way!

One of the fun things about changing seasons is that it’s a great chance to move on to some new seasonal crafts activities. My boys love Autumn leaves and they’re looking forward to be crunching in them before too long!

This simple scrunched tissue paper Autumn leaf is actually a craft that we did last year, but now that it’s turning autumnal again I’m sure we will repeat it. It’s a really simple one that even youngest kids can make with great results.

simple scrunched tissue paper Autumn leaf craft for Autumn / Fall

Scrunched Tissue Paper Autumn Leaf

You will need:

  • Autumn coloured card (brown as shown above, or oranges, yellows and even dark green will work)
  • Tissue paper in a variety of Autumn colours
  • Glue
  • Autumn leaf templates if you don’t want to draw your own. (I have some printable templates at the end of the post)

That’s all!

How to make this simple Autumn leaf fall craft

This couldn’t be much simpler, you just scrunch up pieces of the coloured tissue and glue it on to the leaf. Your child can rip the tissue before scrunching, or cut to practise scissor skills.

While ripping and scrunching you can talk about the sounds – the scrunch of the tissue, the crunch of Autumn leaves. For older preschoolers or younger school children you can explain that this is Onomatopoeia and see what other words you can think of that sound like the sound that it makes. For younger toddlers, just enjoy the sounds and textures together.


If you want templates, you can try these. Download the PDF and each leaf should print on one A4 sheet each. You can draw around them on your coloured card, or you could simply stick your scrunched tissue directly onto the printable if you prefer.


Download the printable templates here: Printable Autumn Fall Leaf Templates for Kids Crafts

simple fall craft - make an Autumn leaf with scrunched tissue paper

For more Autumn and Fall activities, check out my new Pinterest board:

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I’ve decorated my whole account in Autumn colours at the moment (yes, I am a little bit overexcited for the changing seasons!)

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  1. A little colder?? I’ve had to put the heating back on and it’s the middle of blooming August! Love this craft though – I’m doing an autumn/fall roundup from last week’s party and I’ll be featuring this one so make sure you hop over tomorrow evening to claim your badge 🙂


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