Family Tips: Help a Family Member Overcome Fear of Heights

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By Luciana Oliveira

Have you noticed a certain family member that gets too anxious or feels uncomfortable even by just going up through the stairs? Or have you seen them unable to budge and make a move when in such a high place? You may just see it as something not to worry about. Still, your loved one might be suffering from a severe psychological phenomenon called Acrophobia – where one has an extreme and, most of the time, irrational fear of being in a place high up. 

A fear of heights can get pretty serious and may damage the person on an intense level. It might be a battle of the mind, but its effect can go way beyond it. Phobias are known to manifest physically too. People who have Acrophobia often experience shaking, over-sweating, heart palpitations, struggling to breathe properly, dizziness, nausea, and even vomiting. Individuals who have Acrophobia frequently encounter extreme feelings of fear and anxiety when confronted with high buildings or places and, like an instinct, immediately try to avoid them. When it can’t be helped, however, and they eventually confront these fears, the urge to fall on their knees or clutch anything near them becomes inevitable.


If you have a loved one who has Acrophobia, you might want to help them slowly but surely overcome it by introducing them to the following coping steps.

Have them try Hypnotherapy Treatment


Making a person who has a fear of height confront his phobia and ask him to experience being in high places more just to “get over it” is not helping the person. While it might be true that confronting our fears is the best way to overcome them, doing it in such a rash manner is not the best approach. In hypnotherapy, professionals and experts help the person achieve a certain state where the focus is at its peak. They will be able to comprehend and adapt more quickly to the treatment methods suggested by their therapist. If you’re trying to find the right hypnotherapy center to book your family member to, click here for more information.


As asking for professional help is not easy and takes a lot of courage, you have to ensure that your family member is in good hands. You have to ensure that the person helping them has enough competence, little to no biases, and a professional that understands their problem in a more profound, more positive manner.


Help them get slowly exposed to their phobia triggers and respect their phase in facing their fears.


As family members, we all want what’s best for our loved ones. We want them to overcome what has been holding them back for years now and let them know that nothing in this world can harm them, so they have nothing to fear about. We want to see them face and conquer everything that’s making them anxious, but we also have to realize that everyone has their phasing, and as family members, we should not be the people who will push them and force them to do things that they’re not ready for.


You can help them by slowly introducing them to high places they’re afraid to. They can begin through little steps – you can walk with them to the mountain’s base and gradually work your way up to walking upwards. Or, if they like, you both can do it in a multi-story tower, slowly drifting up level by level.


Try to introduce them to some relaxation and breathing techniques.


Breathing exercises can help to alleviate and regulate the symptoms brought upon by their anxiety. It can also help improve their mindfulness and help them improve their overall health. Deep breathing exercises are amongst the easiest and most effective ways to learn and support them in feeling more relaxed. This can also serve as a good distraction technique for them and set aside their fears.

As family members, the most important thing you can do to help your loved one overcome their Acrophobia is to encourage and help them realize that what they have is not an illness. Remind them that nothing is wrong or different about them and that you’ll always be there for them in every step they take.

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