Free Printable Shapes Worksheets

Help your child learn about shapes with this free printable workbook including 19 pages of shape activities from shape tracing to shape matching, colour by shapes, and lots more.

We have put together these shape activities which are simple and fun, and can be supplemented with hands on activities like making your own shape pizza with stickers or going on a shape hunt around your house. Don’t forget to stock up on cheap printer ink before you start any printing!

Free Printable Shapes Worksheets

Here are a few of the activities included…

Make a shape pizza – colour each shape a different colour to make your colourful pizza topping full of so many different shapes.

Supplement this activity by making your own shape pizza use foam stickers, or pre-cut colourful shapes

Colour by Shape

We have all heard of colour by numbers but what about colour by shapes? Follow the guide to match up the shapes to the colours, and decorate this fun shapes colouring sheet.

Name that polygon

Progressing beyond the basic circles and triangles… can you name all of these polygons? Ranging from four sides up to nine sides

Supplement this activity by going on a shape hunt in your house or around your local neighbourhood.

Sorting 2d and 3d shapes

Which of these shapes and 2d and which are 3d? Can you help to sort out and arrange all of the shapes

Supplement this activity by going on a shape hunt in your house, and then sorting the items you find into 2d and 3d categories. This hands on practise can really help solidify these concepts.

Shape tracing

Practise your pencil control by carefully tracing these shapes along the dotted lines and colour them all in afterwards

how about these…

Matching shapes

Match up the pictures to their corresponding shapes

Download the full shapes workbook here to print for your kids: Shape workbook

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