How to make Zoo Animal Finger Puppets

Use this tutorial from the “Now I Can Sew” book to create a zoo of cute animal finger puppets, with a monkey, lion and elephant, for endless hours of fun!

How to make Zoo Animal Finger Puppets, with monkey puppets, lion puppets and elephant puppets


You will need:

For one finger puppet

  • 1 x 6-strand embroidery floss skein, to match body felt colour
  • Embroidery needle
  • Needle threader
  • 1 x 10in (25cm) square of tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Black permanent marker
  • Paper-cutting scissors
  • Small, sharp scissors
  • 4 x quilters clips (or clothes pegs)
  • Craft or fabric glue

Felt for the monkey

  • 1 x 8in (20cm) square of mid-brown felt
  • 1 x 2in (5cm) square of cream felt
  • 1 x 2in (5cm) square of white felt

Felt for the lion

  • 1 x 8in (20cm) square of yellow felt
  • 1 x 8in (20cm) square of orange felt
  • 1 x 2in (5cm) square of white felt

Felt for the elephant

  • 1 x 8in (20cm) square of grey felt
  • 1 x 2in (5cm) square of white felt


For the monkey:


1 Photocopy or trace and then cut out the monkey templates on page 122, using the technique shown on page 32. Mark and cut out the felt pieces using sharp scissors. From the brown felt, you will need one monkey back, one monkey front, one monkey head and one monkey tail. From the cream felt, cut out one monkey face and, from the white felt, two eyes.

2 Glue the white eye pieces onto the cream-coloured face piece and leave to dry. When the glue has dried, draw ovals with the permanent marker onto the bottom of each white eye for the pupils. Draw two dots for the nose and a curved line for the mouth.

3 Glue the face onto the brown head piece. Allow to dry completely.

4 Lay the monkey back (the piece with ears) down on a table and lay the monkey front on top, ensuring the edges line up. Place the monkey head on top and clip all the pieces together, so the felt will not move.

5 Cut a piece of embroidery floss about 24in (60cm) long and separate two strands from the length (see page 20). Thread up a needle using a needle threader to help (see page 21), and tie a knot in the end of the thread (see page 22). Starting from the bottom, sew using a running stitch (see page 34). Keep the stitches as small as you can and about 1/8in (3mm) in from the edge.

6 Sew all the way around the monkey and down to the bottom edge. Leave this edge open for your finger.

7 Knot off the thread, then cut the thread off close to the knot (see page 23).

8 Lay the monkey down with the back facing up. Glue the very end of the tail to the middle of the monkey’s back, at the very bottom and with the curl of the tail facing up.

9 Turn the monkey over and glue the curl of the tail to the middle of the monkey. Allow the glue to dry completely. To make the other animal finger puppets, use the templates on pages 122–3.


Use the puppet photos to see what the other animals’ faces look like. The elephant’s tusks are glued to the back of the face piece in Step 3.

Reprinted with permission from GMC Publications, Now I Can Sew © 2016 by Sian Hamilton, RRP £12.99. Available from all good bookshops and


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