Top Value-Adding DIY Jobs For 2022

House prices hit record high levels in 2021. Although a shortage of properties coming to the market means that prices are still relatively high at the moment, industry experts are speculating that prices will soon start to stagnate and may even begin to drop.

Those who have purchased a property recently will be keen to protect their financial investment. Having bought their property at the height of the market, however, few will be keen to spend a lot of money on home renovations and restyling. It may be time to brush up on those DIY skills.

If you’re wise with the DIY tasks you choose for 2022, you’ll not only maximise your chances of protecting the financial investment you’ve made in your new home, you may perhaps even add value.

Painting and decorating

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint is a quick and easy way to transform it, and all you need to pay for is a tin of paint and a couple of paintbrushes.

If you haven’t done a great deal of painting and decorating before, you may be a little worried about the idea of taking the task on yourself, but there are some great resources out there to help you.

Free online tutorials will give you some great tips for getting crisp, sharp edges and choosing the correct tools for the job. Angled paint brushes, for example, will make a big difference to the accuracy of your painting.

Kitchen makeover

A new kitchen can easily set you back £10k-plus. If the cost of moving means you don’t have that sort of budget, but your current kitchen could use a refresh, there are some quick and cost-effective changes you can make that will update your kitchen in no time at all.

  • Any tiles not to your taste can be painted or, if you have a little more time and budget, replaced.
  • Replacing the worktop is a great, affordable way to make a big change to your kitchen.
  • Do your kitchen cupboards look a little dated? Cupboard paint is a great, inexpensive way to update any style kitchen.
  • It’s also surprising how much of a difference kitchen hardware makes. New handles can completely change the look of your home for just a few pounds.

Bathroom makeover

The same approach can be taken to a bathroom makeover. New flooring, new (or painted) tiles and some fresh accessories can transform a bathroom in just a few days.

New lighting

Lighting is another way to transform a home. Good lighting can create a range of different moods within a property, whether you want moody and cosy or light and airy.

Top lighting trends for 2022 include sculptural piece, layered lighting and bold statement designs.

Home office

Not sure what to do with your spare room? With an increasing number of people now having the option to work from home, a home office space can have an impact on the desirability (and therefore the price) of a property.

Whether you have a box room that is ripe for conversion, or simply an unused ‘nook’ of a room that could be used as a workspace, a home office is at the top of many homeowners’ wish-list.

Tips were collated with the help of property buying company Quick Move Now.

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