20+ Simple Easter Bonnet Ideas

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Making Easter bonnets is a longstanding Easter tradition, I remember making them in school as a child, and my elder brothers before me too.

If you’re looking for simple Easter Bonnet ideas for your child’s Easter Bonnet competition, or your local Easter Bonnet parade then here are a few easy ways to make an Easter Bonnet.

We have gathered together over 20 different Easter Bonnet ideas for kids. Check them out and I’m sure it will help you out with some inspiration.

More than 20 easy Easter Bonnet ideas for kids, for the easter hat parade or Easter Bonnet competition

Simple Easter Bonnet Decorating Ideas

Easy ways to decorate an Easter bonnet, for your child's Easter bonnet competition or Easter bonnet parade

Dangling Carrot Easter Hat

This Easter Bonnet with dangling carrots has Mexican sombrero vibes and is so much fun for kids to wear.

We were sent an exciting hamper of crafty products from The Works to help us decorate and dress up an Easter bonnet.

I’m pretty impressed with their Easter craft range, there is lots of variety and really good value prices too. Hopefully this can give you some inspiration for Easter bonnet ideas of your own.

IMG_5944We tried a few different designs for our Easter bonnets. All of them were very simple for the children to make, and fun for them to wear and pose in!

For our base for all of the Easter bonnet ideas, we used this bonnet from The Works. It even looks pretty before you start decorating, with some lovely details on it.


Spring Chicks Easter Bonnet

For this first Easter Bonnet design we selected plenty of cute Spring decorations to stick onto our bonnet – flowers, chicks and eggs, all the cute signs of new life popping up in the Spring. We used these to decorate the brim of our Easter bonnet, along with an extra ribbon with an egg design. I love all these little chicks. Once we’ve finished with our bonnets, I think these will be handy to repurpose inside some Spring sensory bins for the children to play with.


ta daa…


Tissue Decorated Bonnet

For our next Easter bonnet idea, we used the Easter bonnet decorating kit pack which comes with a selection of tissue papers, decals and more. T made this bonnet and covered the whole bonnet in tissue paper, before decorating with the glittery decals. This are really easy for any child to stick on since they have an adhesive pad at the back, so it’s a really handy option.


To me it doesn’t matter too much if the decorations are stuck on a little haphazardly. That’s the beauty of a kid-made Easter bonnet!

ta daa…


Butterfly Bonnet

This is another easy Easter bonnet idea using tissue paper. We folded up tissue paper into an accordion fold, as if to make a fan, and then fastened a pipe cleaner around the middle to make it into a simple butterfly. We then attached our large tissue butterfly to the front of the bonnet as the main feature. You could also make one with lots of smaller tissue butterflies rather than one large.


I hope you liked these Easter bonnet ideas, and if you make one of your own why not enter it into a local Easter bonnet competition!

Easter Bonnet Competition

What is an Easter Bonnet competition? Traditionally an Easter Bonnet was worn to church services for Easter. Now, children can have fun making elaborate and unusual designs.

Many schools or communities run an Easter Bonnet decorating competition where your child could win some chocolate Easter eggs if they are deemed to have made the best Easter hat!

If you are entering your local Easter Bonnet competition, good luck!

What does the Easter Bonnet symbolise?

A new bonnet ties in with the idea of new life, a fresh start, and rejuvenating every freshly for Spring.

Easter Bonnet with chicks and flowers for Spring

What is an Easter Bonnet parade?

This is an opportunity for everyone to show off their new Easter hats. Also known as Easter Parade and the Easter Bonnet Festival. The most famous one was at 5th Avenue in New York.

More Easter Ideas

Easter is a great time to have fun with all the family, get involved with Easter crafting and Easter baking.

Here are just a few of our Easter ideas for kids.

Buy Easter Bonnets

If you’re short on time check out some of these ready made options for Easter bonnets, or Easter Bonnet craft kits (Affiliate links)


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simple easter bonnet ideas to make with kids
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