Space and Astronauts Colouring Pages for Kids (Free Printable)

Today we have some space themed free coloring pages from Little Galaxy to share with your little astronauts.

Kids of all ages can have fun coloring and decorating these astronaut characters with their space suits and all of the planets of the solar system.

This is a fun way to get kids excited about space, and learning more about the galaxy in which we live in, on our own planet Earth.

So, here are our free printable astronaut coloring pages.

Little Galaxy printables, astronaut and space themed colouring pages for kids

Little Galaxy is an app we’ve recently discovered, a space themed game for little ones to enjoy on iOS or Android devices.

As well as enjoying the game, your child can enjoy colouring in scenes from Little Galaxy in these space colouring pages, as a great way to get immersed in this topic.

Coloring activities are ideal for developing fine motor skills and working on color recognition as the kids work with different colors.

Planets Coloring Page

Your amazing astronauts can color in these planets, along with the moon and stars. Turn the white background into a mind blowing galaxy of star dust and deep dark outer space.

Can the kids name the planets of the solar system?

  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Download and print this outer space themed colouring page


Astronauts Coloring Page

Color this space scene with three cute astronaut characters wearing space suits. How will the kids decorate each astronaut’s suit?

Use your favorite colors to create complex spacesuits for these spacemen and space women, or just go crazy with all kinds of fun designs.

If you could design your own spacesuit or space shuttle, how would it look? These are all fun creative prompts for kids to take their astronaut drawings further.

Click to download this space colouring page featuring the Little Galaxy characters

Little galaxy colouring page printable

These files are png image files which you can save and print.

Terms of use: These coloring sheets are free to print for personal use (non commercial uses)

Space themed crafts and activities for kids

Extend your learning, search up a fun fact about Space, learn about Neil Armstrong or try one or two of these creative space themed activities for children.

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And print out a few more to keep the kids busy. We have tonnes of themed coloring pages here on In The Playroom

Free Printable Colouring Pages & Activity Sheets


Please share these free coloring pages with friends and family or add to your Pinterest Boards so everyone can benefit – we really appreciate it!

Free printable astronaut coloring pages for kids with planets and spacemen to color in

Happy Coloring! Have an astronaut fantastic time 🙂

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