Hape 2 in 1 World Tour Puzzle and Game

Hape have a brilliant range of educational toys, games and puzzles for young children. Using their level system, you can easily see which products could be the most suitable for your child as they learn and grow.

Hape puzzles ranging from levels 1 to 6 allow children to progress through the levels, encouraging a continuation of age appropriate critical thinking, hand/eye coordination and dexterity with Hape’s ever growing collection of puzzles which combine one of a kind design and characterful illustrations that help fuel a child’s enthusiasm for out of school learning.

The Level 6 range for older children of 5 and above includes some lovely puzzles on topics such as world geography, or the solar system. We were sent the Hape 2 in 1 World Tour Puzzle and Game to try out and it is a really engaging way for young children to develop their familiarity with maps of the world.

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Orchard Toys Game and Puzzles Review

Orchard Toys have been one of our favourite toy brands since the boys were young. The games and puzzles are so good for helping children learn and pick up valuable skills while they play, and it’s great to be able to revisit some of the their toddler and preschool range again with N. She is the perfect age at 2.5 to get started with more of these kind of activities, so I was excited to try out some of the new Orchard toys games and puzzles with her.

We were sent a great selection of Orchard Toys products, including newly released game Let’s go Lotto, an alphabet game, and puzzles for the older and younger kids in our family.

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Fun & Unique Gifts for Kids from Wicked Uncle

Buying presents for kids is not always an easy task, whether that’s for your own child, for young relatives, or for school friends. You don’t want to get something they’d already have, or that will just gather dust lying unused, and if you are buying for a child that’s not your own sometimes it can be hard to decide what will be appropriate especially if the child is the opposite gender to your own, or a different age group.

Wicked Uncle is a great place to browse when you’re stuck for present buying inspiration, as you can buy a good variety of kids toys and gifts and they have handy tools to help you see options by age, gender, or categories like creativity or adventurer if you have some idea of the type of route you want to go down.

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Melissa and Doug Toy Review

One of the brands we tend to return to time and time again is Melissa and Doug. We have so many of their fun and educational toys in our playroom, so I was really happy to be asked to take part in the Melissa and Doug Play Panel and put three of their new toys to the test with my 2 year old, N. The toys we’ve been testing out are all perfect for this age group, and give plenty of opportunities for role play. They are: the Pet Vet Play Set, Wooden Food Groups Play Set and the Wooden Pizza Party Set.

Pet Vet Play Set

This is such a cute play set, encouraging little ones to look after their poorly animal friends. It comes with a stuffed cat and dog, along with so many accessories and a little bag for your mini vet to keep them all organised.

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Jumbo Chupa Chups Colourful 500 Piece Puzzle

You can’t beat a puzzle for a relaxing activity to keep the brain sharp, and this 500 piece Colourful Chupa Chups puzzle from Jumbo is a great sweet treat that lasts much longer than the chupa chups lollies! We really enjoyed the unique patterned design of this puzzle, and the fun nostalgia of the Chupa Chups theme.

This puzzle is made up of lots of little coloured and patterned squares along with a few bursts of text, rather than one central image, which makes it a bit different to the norm. It suits methodical and logical puzzlers and was very satisfying to put together, with lots of delicious fruity flavours to spot throughout the image.

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Easter Crafting with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Little Brain Paint sticks are an amazing craft product. These are something I had heard of, but didn’t try until recently when we were sent a selection of their range to test out for some Easter crafts, and now I’m wondering why I didn’t try them before! The paint sticks are like glue sticks with paint, you twist them up in the same way, and they allow you to paint with vibrant beautiful colours and very little mess. They are just so handy, and are so much fun to use. We have all been enjoying them, from the toddler, through to the tweenagers and even me too.

The Little Brian Paint Sticks range includes metallic and day glow colours in stand alone sets, or larger sets with all of the colours included, in both normal and mini sizes. There are also chalk sticks which can be used on blackboards.

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Play, Discover and Learn with Wooden Puzzles from Hape

Wooden puzzles are one of the most classic toddler toys, and one of our favourites! They have so many opportunities for learning and development. N (2 years old) has been trying out some beautiful new puzzles from Hape, each of which has something unique and different to offer.

Wild Animal Puzzle & Play, £12.99 from Amazon.

This is a clever twist on the classic wild animal puzzle, with a 2 in 1 format. One side has spaces to match up the animal shapes into the puzzle, while the other has a play scene printed to extend play with the animal figures. We loved this idea, and it definitely kept N’s interest in the puzzle for longer as she had both the structured puzzle activity, and the free play to keep her busy and develop her imagination.

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Camel Up Board Game Review

Camel Up is an award winning family game all about camel racing. This is another great game that we are reviewing via the Asmodee Blogger Board game club, and it has gone down very well with our kids.

In Camel Up, you race the camels around the dessert, making bets on which of the camels you think will win each round, and which will be the overall winner. Each time you bet correctly, you can gain gold and silver coins and at the end of the game, the winner is the player with the most money earned.

While racing, watch out for the crazy camels (the black and the white) who will pull your camels backwards if you land on top of them! This adds an element of suspense and unpredictability to the game, adding to the fun.

The board is beautifully designed, with the camel racing dice hidden inside the pyramid in the centre of the camel race track. You press the doorway of the pyramid, to release the dice from the bottom. Each camel has it’s own die in corresponding colours, to let you know how many spaces to move each one.

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Ravensburger Gardening World Spring 1000 Piece Puzzle Review

Gardening World is a beautiful 1000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger which is really relaxing to do, with a colourful and uplifting Spring time garden image and lots of detail.

This puzzle comes with seasonal tips and planting ideas from Pippa Greenwood, of TV’s Gardener’s World and BBC4’s Gardener’s Question Time, which is a lovely idea. I’m not a very skilful gardener myself, but do enjoy listening to Gardener’s Question Time on the radio from time to time, and the tips included in the leaflet seem quite simple and easy to follow, if the beautiful picture of the finished puzzle does give you the nudge you need to get outside and sort the garden out this Spring!

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Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Chunky Shaped Puzzle Review

Ravensburger Mothers and Babies Chunky Shaped Puzzle is a set of 6 two piece puzzles, each made up of one mummy and one baby animal. This is a great early puzzle for toddlers, which helps develop logic and matching skills but is also lots of fun to play with.

As with all of the puzzles in the Ravensburger ‘My First Puzzles range’ the pieces are chunky and very durable to handle lots of play by young children who are not always the most careful They are all bright and colourful, and can’t easily be bent or torn. We found that the pieces are a great size for toddler hands.

The set includes Mummy and baby cats, dogs, ducks, pigs, cows and sheep, with the baby piece nestling into the image of the Mother animal. This makes the puzzle very simple to put together as there is a clear space, and young children can immediately see where to put the piece to complete the picture.

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