Colt Express Board Game Review

Our board game collection is definitely coming in handy at the moment with the current lock down due to Covid19. They are a great way to pass the time as a family, and often keep the kids thinking so help to keep their brains sharp while there is no school. The latest new board game that we tried out was another from the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club – Colt Express.

Colt Express is a railway and bandit themed game, featuring a 3d train. The aim of the game is to become the richest bandit in the Wild West, by getting more loot than the other players but without being hit by too many bullets!

To play the game, at first you need to put together the cardboard train model. This takes a little time, but is fun to do if your kids like construction things, and looks effective once it is completed. It gives a very different look to other games, being played within this 3D train model rather than on a flat board.

Once the train carriages are built after the first time playing, you can leave it set up ready for future games as it can fit back into the box like that, split into carriages. This means it is easier and quicker to get started for future games.

The game is set in 1899 New Mexico, and is played across 5 rounds, each with two phases – Schemin’ and Stealin’. Players have 10 cards each for 6 different actions – Move, change floor, shoot, punch, loot and marshal.

Players play as one different character each, with up to 6 players per game (minimum 2 players).

Each character has a special characteristic just for them, for example Cheyenne is an outstanding pickpocket so when punching a bandit, you can take the purse he has just lost, if playing as Cheyenne.

Doc is the smartest bandit of the party, so if playing as him then you get to draw 7 cards instead of 6 at the beginning of each round.

While Django’s shots are so powerful that they knock the other bandits back. If you play as Django then when you shoot a bandit you can move them to the furthest train cart from you as possible (on the same floor)

These different characters and abilities make the game more exciting and bring more variety to the action. After a few games, you can also add advanced rules, which are included in the instruction booklet. We haven’t yet moved on to the advanced rules but I’m sure we will in time, and there are also expansion packs for this game which can be purchased to add yet more detail and complexity.

The game is recommended for ages 10 and up but we managed fine with age 8, 10 and 11 so I would say younger children can easily join in this game with older siblings and parents.

Colt Express is the winner of 2015 Spiel des Jahres and has also been nominated for many other awards. Its available for around 25.00 from shops including Amazon

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