Century A New World Board Game Review

Century A New World game by Emerson Matsuuchi is the third and final game in the Century game series (the previous ones being Century Spice Road, and Century Eastern Wonders) This new Century A New World game is set in The Americas in the early 16th Century, and can be combined with the other two Century games if you have them.

This was our first time playing any of the Century games, and we were sent this game to try out as part of the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club.

In Century A New World, your aim is ultimately to win the most points as you travel to the New World and explore the land, collecting goods and trading with the native inhabitants. The box contains:

• 6 Double-sided Location Boards
• 4 Player Boards
• 48 Wooden Workers
• 56 Cards
• 10 Exploration Tiles
• 25 Bonus Tiles
• 4 Bowls
• 105 Wooden cubes
• 4 rulebooks

We played this game with children aged 8, 10 and 11 and at first it took a while to get to grips with the rules, but once you have played a few times then it becomes much quicker to jump into the game. After a few rounds of the game, the scoring system becomes easy to understand and our children didn’t have any difficulty managing the game. Even so, this is a longer board game than average, taking around 45 minutes or up to an hour to play the full game.

Game play involves placing your settlers onto different squares, which allow you to upgrade or trade your resources. You can then trade in those resources to buy cards, which give you certain abilities. Each player has a limited number of settlers, so there is a certain amount of strategy involved in placing your settlers and planning your moves.

The game is beautifully illustrated, by illustrator Chris Quilliams with lots of detail on the cards, as well as the beautiful front cover of the game box. 

The wooden pieces are also well made and will last very well over time.

We enjoyed this game, and would recommend it for older children. This is a great one for when you have a lot of time on game night, for a longer gaming session.

Century A New World board game is available from Amazon for 27.45

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