Fun with UltraDash

We have been having so much fun with UltraDash over the past few days. It is an ideal game for keeping active in the garden or inside the house, so it’s perfect for these crazy times we find ourselves in at the moment!

The aim of the game with UItraDash is to race between coloured targets, as directed by the flashing lights on the handheld tagger, and then quickly tag each one – aiming to beat each other’s speed, or beat your own personal best.

The game takes very little time to set up, once you have added batteries, you can pull this out any time and get going straight away. It’s brilliant for those moments when the kids are restless and just need a good run around to use up some energy and re-set everyone’s moods, and we’ve found it’s just as much fun for the adults as for the kids!!

There are different modes included, so you can mix it up a bit. You can race to see how many targets you can get within a set time, or how fast you can complete one round of all of the colours, or set it up to do a relay race.

Scores are shown on the tagger so you can compare your performance

The game works in just the same way indoors, and you can spread the targets out as far as you have space. If you need to play indoors then you can improve by putting some up high, some down low, or even in different rooms.

(don’t mind our window, those are just re-usable stickers)

UltraDash is recommended on the box for age 6+ but actually we found that younger ones can join in and enjoy it too, as well as the grown ups having a great time with it so I would say it suits pretty much any age, and is a great game for bigger families of multiple age ranges as everyone can have a go – equally this can be played easily with just one player too.

Our 3 year old soon managed to get the hang of the game, after a little help from her older brothers on the first round.

You can also adapt the game. The boys decided to add a football for some rounds, so they have to practise their dribbling skills bringing the ball to the correct target, then tag it, then keep dribbling to the next one.

UltraDash Easter Egg Hunt 

InterplayUK have put together some instructions on how to use your UltraDash game for a fun Easter egg hunt!

Here is the step by step…
1. A grown up hides each colour target with a bowl of mini Easter eggs ????????????????
2. Power up your Ultra Dash tagger and choose the ‘Target Tally’ game mode (#2)
3. Set the timer to 3 minutes ⏲️ (adjust accordingly)
4. Choose the number of players (1 player can play at a time)
5. Player 1 presses the tagger to start!
6. The tagger will light up with a colour – race to find that colour target! ????
7. Insert the tagger into the target and take 1 mini egg ????
8. The tagger will light up with a new random colour – find that colour target, insert tagger and take a mini egg ????????
9. Repeat step 8 until the timer runs out! ????????
10. Bring all your easter eggs back to the grown up – how many can you get in 3 minutes?
11. Repeat steps 5-9 with all other players

Whoever gets the most eggs in 3 minutes wins a big easter egg! ???????? A fun and crazy twist on the classic easter egg hunt – will you remember where each colour target is? Try experimenting with your own rules!

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