Halilit Sounds of the Forest Book & Instrument Gift Set Review

Halilit Sounds of the Forest is a really sweet and unique little gift set with a story book, which comes along with a matching owl themed musical instrument. The story and the owl whistle work together perfectly and it’s a lovely way to encourage your child to get involved with the story.

The gift set comes in a box containing the story book, which is a board book with thick cardboard pages to make it toddler friendly, and the owl musical instrument.

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Moonlite Storytime Projector Review

Moonlite is a children’s story book projector that attaches to almost any mobile phone, allowing you to bring an extra dimension to story time and create an immersive and magical experience with your child. I had first heard of Moonlite when the initial concept was launched via Kickstarter by mother Natalie Rebot, and I was immediately really impressed with the idea. Luckily the concept was so popular that it exceeded it’s fundraising goals tenfold, and quickly caught retailers attention too. Now, Moonlite is available in the UK and I couldn’t wait to try out the products!

There are a variety of Moonlite packs which you can buy, ranging from Starter Packs, Gift Packs and single Story Reels.

We were sent the Moonlite Fairy Tales Gift Pack (RRP 39.99) and the Dinosaur Roar Story Reel (RRP 7.99). Other packs available include Mr Men, Eric Carle’s popular “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Very Busy Spider”, Spot the Dog and Beatrix Potter’s “The Tale of Jemima PuddleDuck” and “The
Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

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Fantastic Firsts with Little Tikes

One of the things I love most about being a mum is experiencing all of the firsts with each child. I feel so proud to see them learning new things, and mastering new skills, over coming obstacles and developing into fantastic little people. My youngest, N, is constantly picking up new things at the moment and it’s so rewarding to see. As she’s approaching two years old, she seems to be growing up all the time and the  new firsts are coming thick and fast as she moves out of the baby days, into the toddler territory with growing independence.

These are some of the firsts we’ve experienced together over the last almost two years, with her singing voice featuring a lot over the past few days. She’s developed a love of singing the Baby Shark song, and it is actually the cutest thing ever!

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Ravensburger My Haven No. 5 The Cake Shed Puzzle Review

The Cake Shed is a 1000 piece puzzle from Ravensburger, which is part of the My Haven series. This set of puzzles focuses on pictures of hobby sheds, from the craft shed, to the pottery shed, sewing shed, man cave, and of course the Cake Shed.

I’ve previously reviewed the Craft Shed puzzle from the same series, which I really enjoyed putting together, so I was looking forward to getting started with the Cake Shed. These puzzles are so relaxing, and have been some of my favourite 1000 piece puzzles.

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TOMY Puzzle Wars Review

We were sent the new Puzzle Wars game from TOMY for review. This is one of three new games they have recently released, and the strategy and puzzle aspect of this game immediately appealed to me.

The concept of Puzzle Wars is to race your opponent to match the shape patterns shown on the cards, or you can race the in built timer in the game and play alone.

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Smyths Toys Big Steps Vroom Super Car Transporter Review

Smyths Toys have launched a new range of indoor toys for preschoolers: Big Steps. With N quickly approaching 2 years old, she’s finished with the baby toys these days and I was really interested to see what this new preschool age had to offer.

We were sent the Big Steps Vroom Super Car Transporter to review, and she was drawn to it straight away.

The Super Car Transporter is a really good size, and very chunky and sturdy. It comes with six free wheeling cars which can be stored inside, as well as the transporter itself which can also be driven and pushed around, and opened at the back to put the cars inside the two stories via a ramp. The transporter has lights and sounds that are activated when you press the top, and comes with the batteries already included so it’s ready to play with straight out of the box.

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Clementoni Robomaker Review

Once children start getting older and hitting the tween years, it can be harder to find the right toys and games to keep them engaged. We were sent the Robomaker set from Clementoni which is recommended for age 10+ and it is a brilliant project to keep older kids busy and entertained, and even learning at the same time!

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