You can’t beat a good puzzle, and the kids and I have been having fun with a new range of Discovery Dinosaur puzzles each with 150 pieces.

These Dinosaur Puzzles, made by Kidicraft, are from the Discovery range of 3D effect puzzles which are manufactured using new Prime 3D lenses to give greater depth and motion to the images.

The 3D style really is effective, they felt as if the dinosaurs were really coming out of the jigsaws! And it also adds a little more challenge to completing the puzzles as it’s a style we haven’t tried before.

The level of detail in the images, like the textures of the dinosaurs skins, is fantastic. The images are very realistic, with beautiful subtle colours and look brilliant once completed.

Dinosaurs are always a popular choice, and these are no exception with Velociraptor, T-Rex and Triceratops varieties available. This is a theme that appeals to all of the kids in my house, and I find with jigsaws like this they really are age-less especially if you work together to complete them. So although recommended as 5+, my 3 year old was able to take part with help, and likewise my boys are quite a bit older at 8, 10 and 11 – but still not too old to spend some time completing these!

During the lockdown, Jigsaw puzzles have been flying off the shelves – even selling out in some stores, and I can understand why as they are such a good way to keep the family occupied together, work as a team and get a bit of calm and quiet as a family!

When completed, the size of these puzzles is 46 cm x 31 cm (18″ x 12″) each, and each one is 150 pieces.

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To find out more about Kidicraft 3D puzzles you can visit their Facebook page


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Good luck!