44 Cats Toys Range

You may remember our post a few months ago about the TV series 44 Cats. If your children are fans of the show, you will be pleased to know that there is now a range of 44 Cats toys available to go along with the show! These new toys are available from retailers including Argos and The Entertainer.

The range includes musical plush characters, as well as smaller Buffycats figurines including colour change ones!

We were sent a couple of the new 44 Cats toys for N (Age 3) to try out at home.

44 Cats Musical Plush Toy – Milady

The Milady musical plush toy is very cute and soft, with easy to activate sound effects when you press her body. She plays a catchy song from the TV series.

N loved the musical Milady straight away as she is perfect to snuggle up to.

For more fun singalongs, collect all 44 Cats Musical Plush Toys — Milady, Pilou, Meatball and Lampo  are all available and each toy sold separately. These musical plushes are 8 inch size, and non musical versions of the plushes are also available for the same 44 Cats characters.

44 Cats The Club House Playset – Milady’s Place

This set comes with a Milady figurine, along with accessories like sunglasses and her favourite food. There is a sheet of stickers included for children to decorate Milady’s play house.

N had lots of fun playing imaginatively with Milady in her house, and enjoyed putting her glasses on and off, and making up little 44Cats stories.

There are three 44 Cats Club House Playsets to collect — Lampo, Milady and Pilou’s Place.

The toys are recommended for ages 3 and upwards.

Check out more of the range here on The Entertainer toy shop website

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