BABY Born My First Swim Girl Doll Review

BABY Born My First Swim Doll is a 30cm doll who is so cute, and makes a brilliant companion for little ones learning to swim. My 3 year old N has had lots of fun playing with this doll in the bath, and she is also great for the paddling pool. You could even take her to the swimming pool once they are open, whether you’re splashing around on holiday or going for first swimming lessons at your local pool.

The BABY born My First Swim Girl doll works by winding her arms back, and then releasing her into the water to watch her swim. This means no batteries are required, as the swimming movement is powered just by the winding – much easier and safer in the water. The doll is well made, has plenty of detail, and seems like it will last really well.

When placed face down, she can swim front crawl or butterfly stroke or place her on her back for back stroke.

The doll comes with a fixed swimming costume and hat in cute duck print which looks so cute! As My First Swim Girl is dressed up in a swimming costume rather than as a baby doll, this makes her a bit different and exciting, and N really took to her straight away. She even had a swimming themed bath with her swim doll, as they both wore their swimming costumes together!

BABY Born My First Swim Girl Doll is suitable for children from age 1 year old and upwards, and is available for an RRP of 17.99 from retailers including Amazon (affiliate link)

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