BABY Born Surprise Collectables Review

BABY Born have launched a new range of collectable dolls, each with 10 different surprises to discover. We already have the larger BABY Born Surprise Bath time doll, which was a big hit with my 3 year old daughter N, so we were excited to try out the new collectables, which share some of the same features.

There are 12 new dolls available in this wave of the Series 3 BABY Born Surprise doll collectables, and they each come in a little pod as you can see above, which needs to be opened and unwrapped to reveal the doll and all of the surprises – a total of 10 surprises to discover per doll.

The first thing you’ll see when you unwrap each doll, is your BABY Born surprise wrapped in one of 12 different cute character swaddles. We have the cactus, flamingo and mermaid ones which are all really unique.

You will find a sheet inside which shows you all of the styles that are available to collect, and allows you to tick them off, keeping track of your collection.

Once you take the swaddle off the baby, you will also discover the different hair style your baby has, and they also have different shades of skin.

When you first open your BABY born surprise, they actually have their eyes closed and like with the bigger Baby Surprise Bath doll, you need to wipe their eyes gently with a wet tissue or cloth to reveal their eye colours. My daughter loves doing this!

The eyes are quite easy to wipe open, and quickly you will reveal your baby’s eye colour.

Another surprise is to unwrap the baby’s bottle, and see whether you have pink or blue. With a pink bottle, it means your baby surprise is a girl and blue for a boy. So far, we have collected three girl babies. The little bottles are cute for role play with the dolls.  

Underneath their swaddles, each baby comes wearing a nappy. You can discover the pattern inside by filling the bottle with real water, feeding the baby and letting the water come through all the way to the nappy. We did find this a little bit fiddly so after revealing the pattern for the first time, we preferred to just play with the bottle dry.

Using the leaflet included, you can also choose the baby’s name, and find out details like their star signs and birthday.

BABY Born Surprise are available from many toy shops including Argos, Smyths and online at Amazon for a current price of 8.00 each. Which one will you collect?

*We were sent BABY Born Surprise samples for review.

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