Easy Bubble Wrap Monsters Craft for Kids

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Monsters are fun all year round, but with Halloween around the corner it’s the perfect time to get busy making some monsters crafts with the little ones. This paint printed bubble wrap monster craft is so easy to set up for the kids, and we even have some free printable monster templates that you can use if you would like. 

The monster craft templates are available in our monster coloring pages printable pack and can be used in a variety of ways to keep your little monsters busy and happily creating. 

We used the shape monster templates, poster paint and bubble wrap to create these cute bubble wrap monsters for this simple Halloween craft. My four year old daughter had lots of fun painting, printing and decorating her own scary monsters, and silly monsters!

bubble wrap printed monster craft for kids using free monster template

Bubble wrap printing is such a fun way to paint, and the spotty texture of the print is perfect for bumpy monster skin. 

Bubble Wrap Monster Craft Supplies

For this simple craft you will need:

  • Plain paper or Monster Craft Template 
  • Bubble wrap – if you have a mix of sizes then that’s even better
  • Paint (we used ready mixed poster paint)
  • Glue 
  • Googly eyes
  • Extra decorations options – such as glitter, stars, sequins, feathers, monster stickers
monster craft supplies

If you have a mix of the regular sized bubble wrap and the giant bubble wrap, you could make some really cool printing effects or use a variety of bumpy textures for each monster. 

different sizes of bubble wrap

How to make your bubble wrap monsters

Set up your monster template and bubble wrap next to it. Have the kids paint directly on the bubble wrap, with whichever colours they would like. 

painting on bubble wrap

Once you have enough paint to make a good print, turn over the bubble wrap and place it paint side down on the template or on top of your monster drawing on the paper and press down. 

bubble wrap paint printing

When you lift the paper, you will see the bubble wrap printed spotty texture, perfect for your spooky or friendly monster and his bumpy spotty skin. 

decorating monsters

Next, kids can go ahead and decorate their monster using their imagination and creativity. Googly eyes are one of the most important features, and feathers also work great. Children may want to paint arms, legs and limbs on to their printed creation too. 

painting monsters Halloween craft

Here are a few of our bubble wrap print painted monsters

Bubble wrap monster craft paint printing
bubble wrap monster

Mess-Free no paint version

If you want to make bubble wrap monsters without the mess of paint printing, you can also make the alternative mess free version by drawing the monsters on paper, then gluing the bubble wrap on top to create texture. 

Draw a monster shape on the paper, or use the free monster craft template and add any details you like such as arms, legs, horns or any extra bits sticking out of the monster.

Cut your bubble wrap to size and stick down to add a bumpy bubbly texture to the monsters skin. This works really well if you have coloured bubble wrap. 


Add googly eyes and extra details on top, like a tongue or other facial features

bubble wrap monster craft

If you have clear bubble wrap, try colouring and decorating the monster on your paper before adding the bubble wrap texture.

bubble wrap monster craft

For this monster we left his legs bare and made the main part of his body bumpy and bubbly.


Both ways, this is a super easy kids craft, and mess free too. You can make a whole collection of bubble wrap monsters – see how many different monster designs your kids can think up!

The best thing about monster crafts is that they are so open ended. Your crazy monsters can be whatever colour you like, whichever pattern you like, how many eyes you want, and so much more. It is very open ended and creative when you get started with monster crafts. 

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Happy crafting! Whether you are planning a monster party for kids, or getting ready for Halloween, we hope these monster crafts come in handy and provide lots of fun for kids of all ages. 

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