5 Minute Kids Crafts: Monster Glasses

Sometimes you only have a few minutes to spare, or need a craft that’s super simple and mess free. Whether it’s just to fill a few minutes in a busy day, whether you have a party and lots of children crafting together, or maybe the kids are feeling a little under the weather, there are so many times when 5 minute kids crafts can come in handy!

This easy monster glasses craft was lots of fun and is perfect for Halloween (although it works all year round!)

5 minute kids craft - fun monster glasses, perfect for Halloween!

To celebrate Baker Ross’ 40th anniversary we made this craft with some of the supplies were sent from the #BakerRossParty pack.

It couldn’t be simpler to make these glasses. All you need is:

To make other themes, there are lots of other varieties of foam stickers that you could choose too.

Mr T and Mr R loved choosing the colours they wanted and sticking their monsters onto the glasses. It’s very simple but there is a little fine motor practise involved with peeling the packs of the stickers, and practising their hand eye coordination as they stick them in the spots that they would like.

This is a mess free craft and works well for parties as children can make their glasses and then wear them for a fun party accessory afterwards! I do love wearable crafts, the children feel a lot of pride in wearing something that they have designed and crafted themselves and all young children seem to love glasses. They are so silly and funny!

While wearing the glasses the children can have fun pulling monster faces or doing a monster stomp!

5 minute monster glasses craft


I’m not sure he will thank me for sharing this when he is older, but here’s Mr R’s monster face!

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