We love bubble wrap printing. It is so versatile and can be used for all kinds of crafts. This week we used our bubble wrap along with fruit and veg cut outs to make some fun and fruity creations.

Bubble Wrap Printed fruit and veg craft for kids. Simple but effective


To make this craft we used only these three materials:

For each fruit and veg, decide on the colours then add the colour your need to the bubble wrap, and paint it on to get an even coverage, then print your card.

Bubble Wrap PrintingFor those that need more than one colour per item, do the side you need, and then turn it around to complete the rest. It doesn’t matter if you get some overlap.

Bubble Wrap Print paintingThe end results are really effective, and even young toddlers can help with printing the colours onto the cards.

Here are some of ours:

Bubble Wrap Printed Pineapple 

Bubble Wrap Printed pineapple fruit craft


Bubble Wrap Printed Strawberry

Bubble Wrap Printing strawberry fruit craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Grapes

Bubble Wrap Printing grape craft for fruit and veg topic

Bubble Wrap Printed Banana

Bubble Wrap Print banana craft. Fun fruit craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Pear

pear craft made by bubble wrap printing

Bubble Wrap Printed Apple

apple craft for back to school or healthy eating. Made with bubble wrap painting


Bubble Wrap Printed Tomato

bubble wrap tomato printed picture

Bubble Wrap Printed Corn

bubble wrap print corn craft for kids - good for harvest or fall time

Bubble Wrap Printed Carrot

bubble wrap printed carrot craft for kids

Bubble Wrap Printed Broccoli

bubble wrap painted broccoli craft


You could cut your own fruit and veg shapes and do as many varieties as the kids can think of!

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Happy crafting!

bubble wrap print fruits