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Let’s face it, kids can be a little bit messy. But they also have creative minds and enjoy getting their hands dirty. If you want to encourage your kids to eat healthy foods, why not try a new craft? This Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit & Veg Craft is quick and easy to make and will help your child develop their fine-motor skills as well as learn about fruit and vegetables.

Finding a fun and creative way to eat your vegetables is always a challenge. If you make it more like a game, kids will be more likely to eat their veggies and enjoy the process. That’s got to be a Win Win for everyone! 


Bubble Wrap Printed fruit and veg craft for kids. Simple but effective

Crafting with Bubble Wrap

Children love to pop bubble wrap, so you should use this as a teaching opportunity. This is a fun and easy craft which will provide an afternoon of creativity for the kids. It’s also an eye-catching decoration, perfect for your classroom especially around Harvest festival time. You can make it with any kind of fruit and vegetables, or even with flowers. Your imagination is the limit!

Bubble wrap provides great cushioning when you need to keep something safe during the shipping process, but once you’re done with that use there is no need to throw it away straight away – first put it to use with the kids to make some fun and educational crafts together. 

Bubble Wrap Printed Fruit and Veg Craft for Kids

We loved the versatility of our bubble wrap—we could use it for all sorts of crafts. This week, we had fun using our bubble wrap and fruit and veg cut outs to create some fruity creations.

To make this craft we used only these three materials:

If you do not have the pre-cut fruit shapes to hand, then all you need is some empty cereal boxes and scissors in addition to the paint and bubble wrap. You can get this from the post office.

Cutting the fruit and vegetable shapes would be a great project for slightly older kids to help out with! It’s also a great way to recycle old cardboard boxes that are otherwise destined for the recycling bin.

For each fruit and veg, decide on the colours that you would like and then add the paint colour you need to the bubble wrap, and paint it on to get an even coverage.

Next all you need to do is to print it on to your fruit or veggie shaped card.

Bubble Wrap Printing

For those fruits or vegetables that require more than one colour per item, do the side you need, and then turn it around to complete the rest. It doesn’t matter if you get some overlap. It will all add to the finished effect of your fruit and vegetable craft. 

Bubble Wrap Print painting

The end results are really effective, and even very young toddlers can help with printing the colours onto the cards while preschoolers and older children may be able to complete the full set of fruits and veggies more independently. 

Here are some of our finished bubble wrap printed Fruit and Vegetables. 

Bubble Wrap Printed Pineapple 

Bubble Wrap Printed pineapple fruit craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Strawberry

Bubble Wrap Printing strawberry fruit craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Grapes

Bubble Wrap Printing grape craft for fruit and veg topic

Bubble Wrap Printed Banana

Bubble Wrap Print banana craft. Fun fruit craft

Bubble Wrap Printed Pear

pear craft made by bubble wrap printing

Bubble Wrap Printed Apple

apple craft for back to school or healthy eating. Made with bubble wrap painting

Bubble Wrap Printed Tomato

bubble wrap tomato printed picture

Bubble Wrap Printed Corn

bubble wrap print corn craft for kids - good for harvest or fall time

Bubble Wrap Printed Carrot

bubble wrap printed carrot craft for kids

Bubble Wrap Printed Broccoli

bubble wrap painted broccoli craft

You could cut your own fruit and veg shapes and do as many varieties as the kids can think of! Which fruit or vegetables are their favourite, how many can they think of to add?

You can challenge the kids to think of a red fruit… a purple fruit… a yellow vegetable and so on.

Fruit and Veg themed Activities for Kids

Once you have finished making your bubble wrap printed fruit and veg crafts together, you could continue with some more simple activities on the fruit and veg theme. 

variety of fruit and vegetables

Making fruit salad or make a fruit Kebab together

Try these Easy Pancake Fruit Kebabs to make with kids – they are colourful and so much fun to make and eat, and not to mention yummy!

Another great thing about fruit salad or fruit kebabs is how easy they are for kids to put together with minimal help from grown ups. This gives a huge sense of accomplishment and achievement. 

Eating veggies

While the kids are excited about the vegetable theme, seize the moment and take the opportunity to introduce a few new vegetables in a fun way. You can make it into a game by trying different types with your eyes closed and see whether each child can guess which veggie they have tasted. 

Find some unique and interesting looking vegetables in the supermarket, and take the chance to broaden the kids experiences. Maybe they will love trying Rambutan, Okra, Plantain or Carombola star fruit?

Fruit and Vegetable Matching Activity

Take the fruits and vegetables that you have created with bubble wrap, and have the kids match up craft with the real version to make this activity even more hands on. 

Fruits and Vegetables with Funny Faces

To expand your fruit and veg bubble wrap craft and give each one more detail and personality, why not go ahead and add googly eyes and some funny face features to each one. 

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Happy crafting!

bubble wrap print fruits
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