50+ of The Best Funny Earth Day Jokes for Kids

Telling funny jokes is a great way to get kids to appreciate Earth Day, learn about our planet’s many wonders, and get them excited about saving our planet, recycling and combatting global warming.

There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Day than with laughter. That’s why we’ve gathered together some of the funniest jokes about Earth Day that you can share with your kids. (All of the recycling jokes and nature jokes included in this post are kid-friendly and clean humour!)

If you’re looking for a new way to teach your kids about environmental issues, this Earth day joke list is a great resource.

So, if you want to inspire kids on April 22nd, this Earth Day to protect the environment, try making these earth-friendly jokes.

50+ funny earth day jokes for kids

50 Best Jokes for Earth Day

Use these Earth Day Jokes for kids to bring the fun and humor to the table—and the kids will get the point, too. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about—it’s a time-honored tradition of making silly jokes and using silly puns to help kids remember a lesson or to pass along a message. It’s one of those classic “learning styles” that’s been around for decades.

And today, we’re going to use it to teach kids about the environment by teaching them how to make some fun jokes about what it means to be “green.”

So, why don’t you grab your notebook and start brainstorming some ideas? You could even write some out and pop them into the lunch box on Earth Day  

Kids are not the only ones who will appreciate these Earth Day jokes. We hope they bring a smile to your face too!

Earth Day Jokes for KidsCute and Corny Jokes about Nature, Planet Earth, Animals and Recycling!

Why are people always tired on Earth Day? — Because they just finished a March.

What did Obi Wan Kenobi say to the tree on Earth Day? – May the Forest be with you.

Why did the leaf go to the doctor? — It was feeling green.

What kind of plant can grow on your hand? — A palm tree.

What creature is smarter than a talking parrot? – A spelling bee.

what creature is smarter than a talking parrot? A spelling bee! Earth day jokes for kids

How can you tell the ocean is friendly? — It waves.

What do you call it when worms take over the world? – Global worming!

What did Planet Earth say to the other planets? – You guys have no life!

Why is grass so dangerous? — Because it’s made of blades.

Why is grass so dangerous? — Because it’s made of blades. Earth day joke for kids

What did the little tree say to the big tree? — Leaf me alone!

Why did the sun go to school? — So it could get brighter.

Why couldn’t the flower ride its bike? – It had lost its petals.

How do you cut a wave in half? — Use a sea saw.

What kind of bow can’t be tied? – A rainbow!

What bow can't be tied? A rainbow

Why do the people on Earth like the way their planet rotates? Because it makes their day!

What did the tree wear to the pool party? — Swimming trunks.

“I have an obsession with wind farms…” “Really?” “Yes! I’m a huge fan!”

What’s a tornado’s favorite game? – Twister!

What did the ground say to the earthquake? — Haha! You crack me up!

What kind of pants (or kind of shorts) do clouds wear? — Thunderwear!

How do hurricanes see? – With one eye.

Why do tornadoes zigzag? — Because they’re dizzy.

What did one volcano say to the other? – I lava you!

what did one volcano say to the other? I lava you joke

What did one tornado say to the other? – Let’s twist again like we did last summer!

What did one firefly say to the other? – Goodbye, Got to glow!

How does the oil industry deal with with oil spills?… Slick lawyers.

What do you get when you mix a four-leaf clover with poison ivy? – A rash of good luck

Can bees fly in the rain? – Not without their yellow jackets.

Why did the woman go outdoors with her purse open? — Because she was expecting some change in the weather.

What’s the difference between weather and climate? — You can’t weather a tree, but you can “climate” (climb it)

climb a tree

What do you give a sick bird? – Tweetment!

What happens when it rains cats and dogs? — You have to been careful not to step in a “poodle” (puddle)

How do trees get on the internet? – They log in.

how do trees get on the Internet? they log in

Why don’t you pay for dead batteries? — Because they’re free of charge

What is a tree’s least favorite month? — Sep-timber!

What goes up when the rain comes down? – An umbrella!

What do you give a sick lemon? – Lemon-AID


What’s the biggest moth in the world? — A mammoth!

Why did the farmer plant a seed in his pond? – He was trying to grow a water-melon.

How does a bee brush it’s hair? – With a honeycomb.

What’s a snake’s favorite subject in school? – Hisss-tory

What’s a shark’s favorite game? – Swallow the leader

What kind of tree fits in your hand? – A Palm Tree

Why does Planet Earth have only one moon? Because the planet is moon-ogamous.

why does earth only have one moon? because the planet is moon-ogomous

Why are recycle bins optimistic? – They are full of cans!

I used to work in a recycling plant, crushing cans. – But I had to quit, it was soda pressing (so depressing)

What do you call a high ranking soldier who hates recycling? – General Waste.

What did Mother Worm say to the little worm? Where in the Earth are you?

What do you say when the beach asks you to walk on it? – Shore (sure)

what do you say when the beach asks you to walk on it? shore! joke for kids

What kind of flower grows on your face? – Tulips (two lips)

What did the big flower say when it told a joke? – I was just pollen your leg! (pulling your leg)

One day the amount of plastic in the ocean will be irreversible… That will be the last straw. 

What’s an environmentalist’s favorite part of a computer? – The recycle bin.

How many climate change sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb? – None. It’s too early to say if the light bulb needs changing.

How many climate change sceptics does it take to change a lightbulb? - None. It's too early to say if the light bulb needs changing

Two wind turbines are talking about their taste in music.

– So what kind of music do you like?
– Oh. I’m a huge Metal fan!

Which was your favorite joke? Share these hilarious jokes with the kids and get them thinking about environmental issues this Earth Day

children earth day

Earth Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Try some of our Earth Day themed crafts and Earth Day activities, and free printable coloring pages in honor of Earth Day and our beautiful planet, Mother Earth.

Get busy coloring with green and blue, or dig through your recycling bin for some cardboard and craft materials. Maybe you can rescue some junk from the bin, and get busy re-using and re-cycling into a fun and useful upcycled craft.

From egg cartons, to tin cans, to old cardboard or plastic bottles – you can make all kinds of cool recycled projects with the kids.


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Huge list of over 50 Earth day jokes for kids

Have fun, we hope you enjoyed the nature jokes and Happy Earth Day!

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