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A few of my blogger friends and I have got together to see what crafty ideas we can come up with using an old 2 litre soda bottle. My kids are always excited to take something out of the recycling bin and use it for junk modelling or to make a craft, so we actually ended up making a couple of different ideas. But this soda bottle rocket kids craft was our first one.

It’s a really simple and fun soda bottle craft, and once you’re done it’s fun to play with too.

Soda bottle rocket. Fun junk modelling upcycled craft for kids

To make the soda bottle rocket you will need:

  • 1 clean and empty soda bottle (2 litre or 1.5 litre) – We used pepsi max
  • Paint (we use these UK / US)
  • Cardboard
  • Coloured tissue (orange / yellow / red / white)
  • Tape

These are just the basic supplies we had in our craft cupboard, you don’t need anything fancy at all for this craft! If you have silver and gold star stickers, those would be fun to add to the rocket design too.

It took us a while to complete this rocket. You need to add a couple of layers of paint to the plastic bottle to get an even coverage, so we kept it in our kitchen for a week or so as an ongoing project. Once a layer of paint was dry we would come and add another. We added about 3 layers over each section of the bottle, then some extra details to finish. Since we did it over a few quick painting sessions, I don’t really have any process photos but it should be pretty self explanatory from the final product pictures 🙂

To get the window effect in the rocket, make sure to leave a circle or two unpainted and the clear plastic makes a great window.

soda bottle rocket window

To make the sides of the rocket, we cut two large triangles from left over cardboard (Amazon packaging from our recycling bin) painted and stuck them on to the back of the rocket with duct tape.

Upcycled soda bottle rocket craft

It was almost finished, but missing something vital for the coolest rockets – flames!!

We ripped strips of tissue paper in orange and white, and taped them to the bottom of the rocket, to give it that “blast off” effect

soda bottle rocket craft


Soda bottle rocket craftThe boys had fun playing around with their new home made rocket once it was all finished

upcycled DIY toy soda bottle rocket craft

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