How to tackle the issues of a first-time varifocal user? 

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By Luciana Oliveira

How long have you been using varifocal glasses? Majorly people use bifocal glasses when it comes to vision correction. As you grow older, you experience various bodily changes and that’s absolutely part of normal life. The process of ageing is ongoing and you might experience changes, some being positive and some being negative. 

Welcome to the club 

Now that you have finally entered your 40s, it is time for you to explore new things, experiment with new stuff and why not achieve a considerable level in your professional life and even in your personal life. 

So try some trips, explore some new places and also make new friends. It’s time for you to absolutely relax and take it easy. What will be your reaction if you encounter positive news, well celebrate it with a cupcake, and what if it’s something negative, well that’s a tough cookie and you must be acting smartly and at the peak of your knowledge. 

One issue that is usually experienced once you cross the 40s is the ageing part where you would experience that the eye lens starts losing its elasticity and gets stiffer. What happens is that one is unable to see something written in small letters and is near to the eyes and might even face difficulty in seeing stuff that is farther. Even they face issues with getting their focus right on the object. You can even buy online specs

Rule of bifocal 

Sighting all these requirements of near and farsightedness people usually shift to bifocal glasses. Now, these glasses offer both two refractive zones that are near and far for vision correction. That is the positive and also the negative point of bifocal glasses is that the division between the refractive zones is quite rough. This vision is quite difficult when it comes to shifting the focus from one zone to another as this division makes it quite a discomfort for the one to be shifting between both the zones. 

Introduction of varifocal 

Varifocal glasses are everything advanced of bifocal glasses, exactly this is your calling to shift smartly towards varifocal glasses. Varifocal glasses have three refractive points, near, far, and intermediate and one refractive point is additional. 

The best part about using varifocal glasses is that varifocal offers a smooth transition between all the three refractive zones, that there is no division between the three points. The absence of division makes it quite difficult for one to move from one zone to another without feeling any hindrance. 

But if you are a first-time user then there might be a few difficulties that you might face while using varifocal glasses. 

How to adjust with varifocals?

If you are a first-time user, you must have found difficulty in adjusting to the changes, these are chances that your brain and eyes might feel confused due to the change. 

  • If you are wearing the glasses the whole day from day till end, make sure not to skip in between. 
  • Do not go back to your old glasses once you start wearing varifocal glasses, as this may not provide ample time for the brain and eyes to adjust. 
  • Do not make sudden eye movements if you are a first-time user, just tilt or move your head in the direction, this will help in reducing the discomfort. 
  • Last but not the least, consistency is the eye. 

These are just a few methods that you might want to try on, if you are still not comfortable with the changes, make sure to consult an expert regarding the condition and take professional help. 

Glasses for varifocals

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