25 Cheerful Sun Crafts for Toddlers

It can be hard to come up with fun crafts to do with toddlers, but they will love these 25 bright and cheerful craft ideas.

These are some of our favorite craft projects inspired by the summer sun. 

This collection of 25 creative and cheerful sun crafts for kids is filled with lots of fun activities to make with the children. The crafts are so easy that even toddlers can do them.

Easy summer sun crafts for toddlers

From a paper plate sun that helps with fine motor skills, to creating sun prints using the sun rays themselves – there are so many ways to create sun themed arts and crafts.

Summer Sunshine Crafts for Kids

These easy summer crafts are a fun way to keep kids creative and entertained during these long hot summer days.

The fun sun crafts listed here are suitable for kids of all ages, but we have focused on ones that are simple enough for toddlers to get involved (with help from a parent).

We hope you enjoyed our choice of the best crafts for a sunshine theme.

Smiley sunshines, fiery sunshines, paper plate suns or handprint suns… whatever you pick to make with your toddler today, making a sun is the perfect way to get into the summer mood.

Happy crafting!

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sunny crafts for kids this summer

Happy sunny crafting!

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