Seasons Weather Sorting Activity with Foam Stickers

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Are you looking for simple ideas to learn about the seasons of the year, or different types of weather? This Seasons and Weather Sorting Activity is really quick and easy activity to set up, and with no mess. All we needed were a few basic supplies, and we made two different versions of the activity – one that can be completed in one sitting, and one to track the weather over time.

seasons and weather sorting with foam stickers

Supplies needed

  • Weather stickers
  • Construction paper, or any large paper
  • Marker Pen
  • Ruler

We got our cute weather foam stickers from Baker Ross, I think these ones are currently out of stock but Baker Ross are pretty good for foam stickers so do check out what they have.

Seasons Weather Sorting Activity

For this activity, we first drew a grid with four sections – one for each season of the year. Then talked about the different weather, and filled in the sections with the most appropriate weather stickers.

weather sorting for the seasons

T enjoyed this activity and we talked about which types of weather you see during more than one season, and he decided on the collection of weather items he wanted to put in each space. With the stickers we used, there’s lots of variety so it’s so much a simple “right and wrong” but allowed us to talk about weather and for T to make his own judgements what each season would look like. We did also have some Autumn leaf foam stickers from Baker Ross, and they would have been nice to mix in too but I couldn’t find them at the time!

Weather Observation Activity

We also set up a small chart with the days of the week, so that we can look at the weather each day and record it on the chart.

simple weather observation activity for kids using foam stickers.

This is just as simple to set up. Measure seven columns, one for each day of the week, and go back to it each day to fill it out with your kids. Then you can talk about patterns in the weather and make observations. If you did one of these for a week during each season, those would be great to compare to the initial seasonal weather sorting chart too – and find out whether the sample week really does match up to the weather you sorted earlier.

weather observation chart for kids

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