100 Spooky Halloween Riddles and Jokes For Kids With Answers (Free Printable)

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Halloween is lurking right around the corner, and what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than with some fun and spooky riddles? We know how much fun riddles can be during the Halloween season, making every little ghost and goblin giggle with joy. 

Halloween activities are aplenty, from decorating the living room with baby ghosts to indulging in your favorite Halloween candy.

But, diving into some hilarious Halloween riddles is a great way to bring the whole family together for some critical thinking wrapped in laughter. 

So, whether you’re planning a Halloween scavenger hunt or simply looking for some fun riddles to share at a Halloween party, we’ve got you covered!

But, a quick question before we venture further: Why did the skeleton laugh so hard? Because something tickled his funny bone!

free printable halloween riddles with answers

Ready for more? Here are our curated 100 spooky riddles and funny Halloween jokes. Don’t forget to download the PDF at the bottom of the page so that you can print our your own set of Halloween Riddle Cards and Halloween Spooky Joke Cards.

Cryptic Halloween Riddles for Kids

  1. In the day I’m quite still, but at night I get my fill. I can’t see my reflection, yet I have a predilection for a drink that’s quite red. Who am I, it’s often said?
    • Vampire
  2. I stand in a field, not making a peep, with straw for my insides and never asleep. What am I?
    • Scarecrow
  3. Bound in ancient cloth so tight, I shamble around in the moonlight. Who am I?
    • Mummy
  4. I fly without wings, through the dark night skies, with pointed hat and warts, chasing what flies. What am I?
    • Witch
  5. My appearance gives some a fright, but I’m not to be feared. Transparent and floaty, through walls I have steered. What am I?
    • Ghost
  6. No body to dance or to prance, yet I make no sound. But if you hear me giggle, I’m surely around. Who am I?
    • Skeleton
  7. Bathed in silver light, with fur that might cause a fright, when the moon is high and bright, who comes out to bite?
    • Werewolf
  8. Always grinning, orange and round, I light up the porch without making a sound. What am I?
    • Jack-o’-lantern
  9. Not alive but I grow; not lungs but I need air; I consume everything, so handle with care. What am I?
    • Fire (for a witch’s cauldron)
  10. I come with a rhythmic beat, but no drum do I meet. In the dark of the night, I rise from my seat. Who am I?
  • Zombie
kids at halloween
  1. In the day, I’m a beauty, basking in the sun. But when night falls, and the moon calls, my dark side has begun. What am I?
  • Dracula
  1. Silent in the graveyard, solid as stone, remember lives past, yet I stand alone. What am I?
  • Tombstone
  1. With a hat pointy and tall, on a broom I often sprawl, potions boil and cauldrons bubble, but my black cat ensures I’m free of trouble. Who am I?
  • Witch
  1. In the shadow I creep, my presence makes you weep, yet fear not, I’m not real, but a figment of the feel. What am I?
  • Nightmare
  1. I protect a treasure, not of gold or any measure. Knock on me and enter if you dare, but first, say the phrase to make it fair. What am I?
  • Haunted House Door
  1. Though not a bird, I love the night; and never seen in daylight’s sight. Velvet wings take to the sky; if you hear me, you’re nearby. What am I?
    • Bat
  2. By day I’m human, by night I’m not; when the moon is full, my secret’s out. What am I?
    • Werewolf
  3. I’m not a spy but I watch you all the time, I follow you everywhere but I’m not a stalker. On Halloween night, I’m especially bright. What am I?
    • Moon
  4. Wrapped from head to toe, I’m as ancient as stories go. Kings and queens of ancient lore, with me, they are nevermore. Who am I?
    • Mummy
  5. Cold and still I lie, waiting for a passerby. Step on me, I’ll give a scream; that wakes you up from your dream. What am I?
    • Floorboard in a haunted house
  6. In October I’m most seen, but I’m not wearing Halloween. Round and orange, I sit out, glowing faces, hear them shout. What am I?
    • Pumpkin
  7. I can cackle, I can fly; chasing broomsticks across the sky. With a potion, I brew and stew; beware my spell might just catch you. Who am I?
    • Witch
  8. Though lifeless, I can grow taller, as the flame dances, but a gust makes me smaller. What am I?
    • Candle
  9. My teeth are sharp, my back is straight; at night’s call, I activate. Neither bird nor bat I am, yet I fly and love the dam. What am I?
    • Vampire
  10. I am not a beast or man, yet I howl whenever I can. I gleam at night but fade by day, for the sun keeps me at bay. What am I?
  • Werewolf
kids at halloween
  1. Often heard, never seen, always lurking in the green. If you come too close, I might just say, “Boo!” to keep you at bay. What am I?
  • Ghost
  1. Not truly alive, but I have a name. I groan and I moan, seeking brains is my game. What am I?
  • Zombie
  1. Though I have a spine, I have no bones. Often opened, rarely closed. In me, tales of terror are enclosed. What am I?
  • A horror book
  1. I’m stitched and patched, often worn; by scarecrows in fields of corn. What am I?
  • Old clothes
  1. I cast no reflection and hate the day. I love necklaces but not in the usual way. Who am I?
  • Vampire
  1. I light up the dark, but I’m not a sun. Carve a face in me, and the fun has begun. What am I?
    • Pumpkin
  2. Used by witches, pointy and tall; without it, they might just fall. What is it?
    • Broomstick
  3. If you’re in a maze and come across me, turn around if you value safety. What am I?
    • Minotaur
  4. I don’t have wings, but I can fly. I can’t be seen, no matter how you try. What am I?
    • Wind
  5. I hum but I’m not a bee. I’m always around the wrappers of Halloween candy. What am I?
    • Vacuum cleaner
  6. By the light of the moon, I was left in a patch. Kids pick me and carve, awaiting a match. What am I?
    • Pumpkin
  7. I make a lot of noise and come alive at night, but I’m not alive. What am I?
    • Haunted house
  8. They fly at night and are as blind as can be. They use echolocation, can’t you see? What are they?
    • Bats
  9. Cackling and flying, potions she’s brewing. Who is she?
  • Witch
kids at halloween

10 Hard Halloween Riddles for Kids

  1. In the shadow of moonlight, through the haze and the fog, I float aimlessly, unseen by dog or log. What am I?
    • Ghost
  2. Neither feast nor famine, I leave plates clean. Never truly full, always lean. What am I?
    • Skeleton
  3. In your window, I might peer, with a face that causes fear. Made of straw, I stand tall, waiting for the fall. What am I?
    • Scarecrow
  4. Alive without breath, cold as death. Never thirsty but always drinking, cloaked in black and never blinking. What am I?
    • Vampire
  5. Though dead, I’m mostly seen. Silent as can be, but I’m neither girl nor queen. What am I?
    • Zombie
  6. Not a pool, not a tub, but still, I’m filled with blood. What am I?
    • Heart
  7. My voice echoes through canyons and valleys, but I’m not alive. On Halloween, I’m often heard, making many hide. What am I?
    • A howl
  8. Bound by neither string nor hair, yet I travel everywhere, summoned by the fall, present at the ball. What am I?
    • Shadow
  9. Neither of the earth nor the sky, but I shimmer and fly. Catch me and I melt, touch me and you’ve felt. What am I?
    • A ghost’s silhouette in moonlight
  10. By midnight’s call, I stand tall. But come the day, I’m far away. With each phase, my size sways. What am I?
  • The moon
kids at halloween

Funny Halloween Jokes For Kids

And here are some funny Halloween jokes to share, too! 

  1. Why did the black cat sit on the computer?
    • To keep an eye on the mouse!
  2. Why did the headless horseman go to school?
    • To get ahead in life!
  3. Why did the ghost go on a diet?
    • He wanted to keep his ghoulish figure!
  4. What do witches use to style their hair?
    • Scare-spray!
  5. Why did the vampire get a job at the art store?
    • He was really good at drawing blood!
  6. What is a little ghost’s favorite dessert?
    • I-scream! (ice cream)
  7. What do you call a witch’s garage?
    • A broom closet!
  8. Why did Dracula take cold medicine?
    • To stop his coffin!
  9. How do monsters like their eggs?
    • Terri-fried!
  10. Why did the skeleton go to the dance?
    • To bone-jig!
  11. What’s a mummy’s favorite type of music?
    • Wrap!
  12. What did one ghost say to the other ghost?
    • “Do you believe in humans?”
  13. What room does a ghost not need in its house?
    • The living room!
  14. Why was the zombie so tired?
    • Because he was dead on his feet!
  15. Why was the mummy so tense?
    • He was all wound up!
  16. What did the ghost teacher say to her class?
    • “Look at the board and I’ll go through it again.”
  17. Why don’t ghosts like to go out in the rain?
    • It dampens their spirits!
  18. What do ghosts serve for dessert?
    • Boo-berry pie!
  19. Why did the vampire need mouthwash?
    • Because he had bat breath!
kids at halloween

  1. How do you know if a vampire has a cold?
    • He starts coffin!
  2. What do you call a haunted chicken?
    • A poultry-geist!
  3. How do monsters tell their future?
    • They read their horrorscope!
  4. What did the zombie say to the vampire?
    • “You suck!”
  5. Why did the werewolf sit with the sandpaper?
    • He wanted to be a little rough around the edges!
  6. What’s a vampire’s least favorite meal?
    • A steak!
kids at halloween
  1. Why did the witch refuse to wear a flat hat?
    • She said there was no point in it!
  2. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?
    • Frostbite!
  3. Why did the ghost go to the sale?
    • To buy some boo-ts!
  4. How do you fix a broken jack-o-lantern?
    • With a pumpkin patch!
  5. Why did the scarecrow break up with his girlfriend?
    • She was just too corny!
  6. What do you call a ghost with a broken leg?
    • Hobblin’ Goblin!
  7. Why was the broom late?
    • It overswept!
  8. How do you make a skeleton laugh?
    • Tickle its funny bone!
  9. Why did the scarecrow win an award?
    • He was outstanding in his field!
  10. Why did the vampire read the newspaper?
    • He heard it had great circulation!
  11. What’s a ghoul’s favorite bean?
    • A human bean!
  12. Why don’t mummies take vacations?
    • They’re afraid they’ll relax and unwind!
  13. How do witches keep their hair in place while flying?
    • With scare spray!
  14. What do you call a fat pumpkin?
    • A plumpkin!
  15. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the ball?
    • He had no body to go with!
  16. What kind of music do mummies love?
    • Wrap music!
  17. What kind of street does a ghost live on?
    • A dead-end street
  18. Why are ghosts bad at lying?
    • Because you can see right through them!
  19. What do you call two witches living together?
    • Twin witches!
  20. Why did the vampire go to the blood bank?
    • To make a withdrawal!
  21. Which pants do ghosts wear?
    • Boo-jeans!
  22. How do you measure the circumference of a jack-o-lantern?
    • With pumpkin pi!
  23. Why did the ghost go to the party?
    • For the boos!
  24. What is a ghost’s favorite fruit?
    • Boo-berries
  25. What kind of boat do ghosts sail in?
  • A ghost ship!

More Cryptic Halloween Fun and Puzzles

Download PDF Halloween Riddles with Answers

Ready to have fun with the Halloween riddles? Get your free printables for the set of Halloween riddles and jokes, complete with an answer key.

Perfect for a Halloween treasure hunt or just a fun activity with your little ghosts!

For best results, set your printer to print this file double sided. That way the riddle or joke will be on one side with the answer on the back.

Terms of use: free for personal use and classroom use. Not for commercial use.

free printable halloween riddles with answers

Halloween is more than just horror movies and collecting candy. It’s about coming together with family and friends, igniting the ancient knowledge of storytelling through riddles, and creating memories.

These funny Halloween riddles and jokes will surely tickle your funny bone and are an excellent addition to any Halloween games or events.

From nervous witches with stage fright to skeletons in search of spare ribs at the grocery store, our list has a riddle for eddie body!

Remember, on Halloween night, the best place isn’t always the pumpkin patch or the haunted house—it might just be around a table, sharing a good brainteaser or two.

kids at halloween

Whether you’re a little boy dressing as a headless horseman or a mommy ghost prepping for a Halloween scavenger hunt, these family-friendly riddles ensure a great time.

So this Halloween season, while you might avoid dead-end streets and stay away from certain kinds of monsters, dive head-first into these spooky and fun riddles. After all, Halloween is a national holiday of mystery, magic, and much fun!

Until next time, keep the lights on, avoid bad luck, and remember—every silver lining might just have a hint of spooky!

More Jokes and Riddles

We hope you enjoyed these free printable Halloween riddles with answers. Here are a few more themes of jokes and riddles to enjoy with the kids

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