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With the ghostly whispers of Halloween fast approaching, I couldn’t resist but share a delightful activity that is sure to add a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of fun to the spooky season! Allow me to introduce you to our fabulous and free Printable Halloween Dress-Up Dolls, perfect to get those little fingers busy and the creative juices flowing.

free printable halloween dress up dolls paper dolls activity for kids

Color Your Own Halloween Paper Dolls

Before your kiddos jump into the dress-up game, there’s a little artsy mission waiting for them.

These adorable dolls come in black and white, setting up the perfect canvas for your little ones to unleash their inner artists.

Hand them their favorite crayons or markers and watch as they bring their Halloween vision to life, painting vibrant superhero capes, spooky zombie outfits, adorable pumpkin costumes, and so much more.

halloween dress up paper dolls free printable for kids

Girl Halloween Dress Up Doll

Here’s the girl halloween paper doll along with a couple of her favorite costumes – dress her up as a skeleton or as a pumpkin, how cute!

halloween dress up paper dolls free printable for kids girl paper doll

Boy Halloween Dress Up Doll

And here is the boy halloween paper doll, with a very spooky ghost costume, and a matching pumpkin costume so they can both go to the Halloween parade together as a pair of pumpkins

halloween dress up paper dolls free printable for kids boy paper doll

More Costumes

The set also comes with tonnes more costumes, so you have a good variety of outfits and can mix and match them between the boy and the girl paper dolls. Here is a preview of the Halloween costumes included in this free printable Halloween paper doll set.

Your Halloween paper dolls can dress up as a zombie, a mummy or a fairy….

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

a witch, a clown, or a ghost….

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

… dress up as a skeleton or a magician…

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

a superhero, a devil or a bat

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

there are so many choices included for the kids to color and use with these cut little paper dolls.

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

you can even dress them up as a pirate, or as the grim reaper. We have a great mixture of scary costumes, not so scary costumes, adorable costumes and everything in between.

halloween costumes for paper dolls free printable for kids

How to Use the Free Printable Dress Up Dolls

Step into the Magical World of Halloween Dress-Up

Getting started is as easy as pie! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download and Print: Click on the download link at the end of this blog post and print out the PDF.
  2. Quality Matters: For a sturdier and durable set of dolls, I recommend printing them on cardstock. It gives the dolls a nice, strong base to hold up those fabulous costumes!
  3. Cut and Assemble: Now comes the fun part! Carefully cut out the dolls and their spooky-cute outfits. Remember, those little tabs on the clothes are what’s going to help them adhere to the dolls, so fold them neatly.
  4. Mix and Match with Style: Let the fashion show begin! Your little fashionistas can now dress the dolls up in a variety of costumes. Whether it’s draping them in a ghostly robe or donning a superhero cape, the options are limitless and oh-so-fun.

These paper dolls are more than just a fun activity. As your kids swap out outfits and accessories, they’re also building a magical world, stirring up stories, and letting their imaginations roam wild.

With a boy and a girl doll in the set, the narratives they create can be expansive, inclusive, and absolutely magical.

Download Halloween Dress up Dolls PDF Below

I bet you can’t wait to witness the beautiful, vivid stories your kiddos will create with their customized dolls. Halloween is just around the corner, so don your artistic hats, grab your scissors, and let the creativity flow!

Click on the link below to get your free printable Halloween Dress-Up Dolls and kickstart the spooky fun:

Happy Halloween and happy creating! Here’s to a season filled with joy, creativity, and adorable paper doll adventures!

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free printable halloween dress up dolls for kids
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