Halloween Printable Puzzle Craft

This Printable Halloween craft for kids is so simple to set up, and allows your child to put together a super cute Halloween picture with pretty much no mess. All treat – no trick.

We have put together four options with super cute Halloween pictures for kids to create this puzzle craft. And the best part is that you can use to make adorable Halloween cards for friends and family, or display them to decorate the house for Halloween.

Free printable Halloween puzzles craft for kids

Our free printable Halloween puzzle pack includes Pumpkin, Bats, Ghosts and a mixed Halloween design.

You can download the PDF digital file for free at the end of this blog post.


To make this easy Halloween paper craft you will need the following

  • A Printer. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can access this at your local library
  • Our free downloadable PDF files
  • Paper for the background. We chose black
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick

You probably have most of these basic supplies already to hand in your home.

printable puzzle craft for kids halloween


After printing out your chosen puzzle (or go ahead and print out all four!) cut along the lines to create puzzle pieces.

Older kids can do this step independently, but for younger kids or to save time it will go more smoothly if you pre-cut the puzzle pieces for them.

For very young kids, you can keep some of the pieces together to create larger chunks and make the puzzle construction more age appropriate. Like this

printable puzzle with pumpkin picture

Each of the puzzles in this pack has 16 pieces. N is age 4 so I cut all of the pieces ready for her to put the puzzle picture together.

printable puzzle craft

Cutting and arranging the pieces are both great ways to develop fine motor skills, developing little hand muscles and working on hand eye coordination.

Next, your child can start finding matches to put the pieces together and glue them down piece by piece once they find the puzzle pieces that go next to each other.

This gives a little bit of a brain work out, focusing on logic, visual and spacial awareness skills.

cutting and sticking craft for kids at halloween

Starting at the bottom was easiest for N, but if your child wants to start somewhere in the middle just make sure that they leave enough space all around to complete the picture.

halloween printable puzzle craft for kids

This is a fun mess free craft for kids who enjoy jigsaw puzzles or logic challenges, and there is so much sense of pride and accomplishment for little children when completing tasks like these. N was so happy with her work!

As you can see above, we kept all of the pieces and supplies on a tray – this comes in really handy to prevent puzzle pieces being lost on the floor or scattered around during the craft.

Halloween puzzle printable craft make a pumpkin picture with the kids, great for halloween parties or a rainy day activity

This was a perfect activity for her to complete while I was making lunch nearby, independently but with some help when needed.

completed halloween pumpkin puzzle printable craft

The Four Halloween Puzzle Pictures

We have four different super cute Halloween puzzle pictures available for your kids to make. N chose the Pumpkin puzzle, isn’t he cute wearing a witches hat with his big smile and witchy potions.

Printable Halloween Puzzle Pumpkin Craft

Put together this cheeky Pumpkin witch with all of her mischievous potions.

Printable Halloween Puzzle Bat Craft

Little baby bat is sleeping under the moonlight this Halloween – how adorable!

Printable Halloween Puzzle Ghost Craft

How many can you count? Five friendly ghosts flying around the Halloween tree. Kids will love these cute and spooky little ghosts.

Printable Halloween Puzzle Craft with a Mix of Characters

This patterned puzzle includes witches, ghosts, Frankenstein Zombies, tombstones, pumpkins, eyeballs and more. Super spooky! This design is a little more scary and a little more challenging to put together so this one is a nice choice for the slightly older kids.

If you have a few children, have everyone choose a different puzzle according to their favorite Halloween characters.

This activity is also great for Halloween parties, you can put this out on the Halloween party craft table knowing that kids can complete this activity independently and with very little mess. Each child can take their finished Halloween craft picture home with them.

PDF Downloads

Click the download link below for an instant digital download of the PDF file containing all four of these fun Halloween paper crafts – for free.

I created this printable activity using Canva Pro (affiliate). If would like to create similar activities yourself, give it a try!

Make this cute Halloween craft cutting and sticking puzzle with the kids. There are four different versions with pumpkin witch, friendly ghosts, little bat and mixed Halloween characters

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Happy Halloween! We hope you enjoyed this free printable pack and craft idea for the kids.

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