Witches Fingers & Edible Eyeballs: Easy & Healthy Halloween Party Food for Kids

What’s Halloween without some spooky treats like witches fingers and edible eyeballs? This Halloween, treat your little ones to some spooky-themed party food.

These recipes are easy enough for kids to help make and taste delicious, as well as being healthy. Win-win! At a time of year when there is so much candy and sugar around, some fun but wholesome recipes for the Halloween party is a great find.

Edible Eyeballs Halloween Party Food for Kids

The kids are sure to receive plenty of candy and sweets if they go out trick or treating. These healthier Halloween ideas provide a nice balance so that the spooky season is not quite so overloaded with sugar. This is definitely helpful if you have toddlers or younger kids and are pretty conscious of the amounts of sugar you introduce to their diets.

This fiendishly good Halloween platter is made from healthy ingredients like apples, cheese and tomato.

These healthy Halloween recipes, courtesy of Organix, include Edible eyeballs that are not only easy to make, but they’re tasty too, and make a bold statement to any Halloween platter. Halloween is a fun time to get creative with food, and these easy Halloween snack ideas definitely fit the bill.

How to make Edible Eyeballs for your Halloween Party

Simply halve each of the cherry tomatoes and scoop out all of the seeds, fill up the cream cheese into the tomatoes, add the peas to the centre of the cream cheese to make the pupil of the eyeball and hey presto – a spooky yet yummy eyeball treat!

How to make Apple Bites for the Halloween Party Table

For the apple bites fill a bowl with some water and mix the lemon juice in the water. This will prevent your chopped apples from going brown, which is not a good look. The acid in the lemon helps preserve them and keep them nice and fresh.

Cut each apple into 5 or 6 wedges and remove the core and seeds. Work on one piece of apple at a time and carve a zigzag shape to the skin side, so that it looks like teeth

How to make Witches Fingers for Halloween Party Food

To make your witches fingers cheese snack, first cut the cheddar cheese into finger sized strips, then trim the cheese strip into a ghoulish finger shape and draw the knuckle lines with the end of a spoon.

Place a nail shaped piece of pepper on the end of each fingertip. Creepy, and spellbindingly tasty!

These ideas are also great for Halloween themed lunch boxes or to add some fun to your little one’s lunch at home during October spooky season.

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How to make edible eye balls for kids Halloween parties

More fun and healthy Halloween Food Ideas

Use a few of these scary Halloween ideas for kids and you’ll have your Halloween party food sorted in no time – whether you’re planning a family get together, need to bring a dish for the Halloween class party, or want some original ideas for trick or treat party bags.

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Happy Halloween!

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