Discovering the wonderful city of Leicester

Leicester is a relatively small town in Great Britain with 330,000 inhabitants. The architecture of the city is typical of England. The buildings are tall, almost colourless, cluttered with colourful shops, pubs and restaurants. The rhythms of life have nothing to do with London, of course. Everything there gives you the impression that they are moving at a slower pace in a sluggish setting. People from all races of the world gathered in one area. If you are wondering why Leicester is famous, we will definitely tell you about its multiculturalism. People of different cultures and backgrounds coexist harmoniously.


Stroll around its streets

It is worth walking in its streets to listen to its pulse. Especially if the weather does you a favour and it does not rain or even drizzle. Walk to the New Walk and walk around the commercial Highcross. Drink your hot chocolate and wander through the hundreds of shops in the area! Especially the colourful aromatic soaps will surely win the impressions.

Discover the wonderful green parks

But Leicester, like almost all of England, has lovely parks. Of course, you should not miss the opportunity to walk in Victoria Park. A green park full of squirrels! What will make a big impression on you is that the rain does not affect the activities of the people there at all. Despite the rain, people will continue to joke in the vast expanse of the park or play rugby undisturbed. Probably, for them, it is like, for us, a typical sunny day in the winter. England’s hazy weather, however, is something you expect to face. It is the trademark, one would say!

Tour of the University of Leicester

Wander the exterior and interior of the University of Leicester. Wonderful places, of European standards with all the amenities for the people who worked or studied there. You will only be able to enter the University premises if you know someone who works at this educational institution.

Leicester delicacies

Definitely, a must-try at Nando’s! There the chicken has its honour! It is a restaurant with many food and beverage options. The place is pleasant and spacious. In general, however, in the centre you will find many shops with food from all over the world and at quite affordable prices.

The nightlife of the city

Leicester has a vibrant nightlife, especially on weekends! The shops are full, and the music is playing loudly. From very early in the afternoon, young people pour into the streets quickly and with loud voices. An ideal starting point for you would be one of the many pubs in the city. If you choose Brewdog Pub, you will quickly be confronted with the strong smell of beer inside, which is mixed with the unique varieties of meat and cold cuts. In terms of prices now, quite affordable for everyone. But your time in a pub ends relatively early! Around 12 and a half, the first lights had started to turn on, with the spectators leaving. Of course, you can continue your wandering elsewhere, discovering other fantastic shops that promise you magical moments of nightlife.

Transportation in Leicester

Leicester County International Airport in the East Midlands Airport is located 32 km northwest of Leicester City. The airport connects Leicester with other cities in the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States.

Geographically located in the centre of the country, Leicester is a breath away from major roads that connect Leicester with London to the south and Leeds to the north. It is ideal for exploring other major cities within a radius of Leicester, using these major thoroughfares. You can use a rental vehicle for these trips, which is an ideal solution for many travellers. You can entrust your vehicle rental to the company Enjoy Travel, which operates in the greater Leicester area, offering quality rental services for everyone.

Leicester has two main bus stations, the Saint Margaret Bus Station and the new (May 2016) Haymarket Station. The refurbished Leicester Rail Station connects the city with other major English cities and London.


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