Mix n Match Paper Plate Crafting for Halloween

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If your kids love to craft, they will love this mix n match paper plate crafting idea. It’s really easy and lets them put together their crafts in as many ways as they like, and then take it all apart and design something new – all thanks to one of our favourite craft supplies: Blu tack!

I set up this mix n match invitation to create in an Autumn and Halloween theme, since Halloween is just around the corner  but you can take this idea and adapt it for any theme or season using paper plates, Blu tack and whatever loose parts you have to hand.

Mix n match paper plate crafting with loose parts. This is in a Halloween Autumn theme but you can adapt this simple idea for any holiday, season or theme

To set up this activity we used:

  • Black and orange paper plates
  • Blu tack
  • Chip n dip tray to hold our loose parts

A selection of loose parts including

  • Pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Googly eyes
  • Feathers
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Leaves
  • Ribbon

We also used a sheet of foam cut into pieces (not pictured in the tray)

Using the blu tack, kids can stick all the bits down onto their paper plates to create pictures in a really simple and easy way.

Invitation to create with paper plates, loose parts and blu tack

As you can see, we made black cats, pumpkin faces, spooky spiders and more.

If your kids are quick crafters and get through a tonne of supplies, but are not so bothered about keeping and treasuring their finished creation then this idea will definitely work for you. They can make and remake as many times as they like. The focus here is on the process more than the finished result. They can have fun experimenting with designs and be as silly as they like!

loose parts and paper plate crafting

Using blu tack will give little hands fine motor practise while they pinch it, roll it and stretch it. My kids do love to play with blu tack – as most children do! It has more resistance than playdough, and it gives you a mess free craft session too.

paper plate crafting
funny face paper plate craft

Here are some of our finished Halloween paper plates, but the ideas are limitless!

Halloween paper plate craft ideas

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