Upcycled Halloween Pencil Pots

We love simple and easy crafts, and with the kids art supplies ever expanding, we decided to make some storage pots to keep some of our pens, pencils and paint brushes. You only need two items and five minutes to make these upcycled pencil pots!

Upcycled Halloween Pencil Pots. Super quick and easy to make, to add a seasonal touch to the arts and craft supplies area

All you need is:

  • Clean and empty aluminium cans
  • Duck tape. We used some of the fun new Halloween designs – they make all kinds of patterns, so you could make these to match with any occasion or style.

supplies for upcycled halloween pencil pots

How to make upcycled duck tape pencil pots

Make sure that your can is cleaned and dried out thoroughly and then just cut strips of duck tape to wrap around the outer edge. You can peel off the paper from the can first, and clean the stickiness away – or since it will be covered you can just add the tape on top.

Some of the rolls of duck tape will line up to create a seem free pattern, like the pumpkin design below.

Upcycled halloween pencil pots from tin cans and duct tape

R (4) and I made these together and it was his idea to add the line of plain colour at the bottom of each of the tin cans.

With the large rolls of duck tape, this took only two lines of patterned duck tape, and one line of the plain colour to cover each of the pencil pots.

These upcycled Halloween storage pots couldn’t be any easier to make, and they add a nice seasonal touch to your art supplies area.

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