Why Do We Celebrate Easter?

Easter can be a fantastic time of the year, especially as the weather starts to improve and the days become longer. It is also a holiday with many fun traditions, but do you know exactly why we celebrate Easter? Many people know the basics, but there is also a lot about this time of the year that causes some confusion (especially when it comes to eggs and rabbits!). Read on for all that you need to know.

What is the History of Easter?

Essentially, Easter is a Christian holiday that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and is the foundation of Christianity.

The resurrection occurred on a Sunday, which is why this is the day of the week that Christians gather and pray, but this history of Easter Sunday is not as straightforward and different countries mark this in different ways and at different times with there being no record of the date of Jesus’ death.

In addition to this, the word Easter is not linked to Christianity and is derived from the word Passover – a Jewish holiday. The word comes from the Anglo-Saxon pagan goddess Ostara, which is celebrated in the Spring.

Why Do We Celebrate With Eggs?

One of the most common questions about Easter is what do eggs have to do with it? Eggs are symbolic of new life and represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb. Egg painting has been an Orthodox tradition when they would be painted red to symbolise the blood shed from Jesus’ death, but these days it is seen as a fun tradition and a chance for kids to be creative.

What is the Easter Egg hunt All About?

Interestingly, the Easter egg hunt is a pagan tradition paying homage to Ostara when people would give away decorated eggs to one another. The tradition was later banned when Christianity became the accepted tradition, so people took to hiding eggs in fields for one another.

Now, you can get delicious chocolate Easter eggs delivered to your home and hide them around for the kids to find.

easter egg hunt

What About the Easter Bunny?

The Easter bunny originated amongst German Lutherans as “Osterhase” carrying coloured eggs that would be given to kids that had been well behaved during Eastertide.

Hopefully, this post will give you a better understanding of the history and Easter and make it easier to explain exactly what eggs and rabbits have to do with Jesus and the resurrection!


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why do we celebrate easter?

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