How to Make a Super Cute Fall Fairy Paper Craft with Free Printable Template

Fall is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a fun and easy paper craft?

You can make this cute fairy paper craft with the kids in just 15 minutes, and it is pretty much mess-free.

This is an easy craft for kids of all ages, and with the free printable template, you can print it at home and use basic craft materials you already have on hand to create something that your child will love!

In this blog post, we will take you through the step by step of exactly how to put together this sweet fairy craft and ways to adjust the activity for different ages.

Fall Fairy Paper Craft

Fall fairy paper craft with free printable templates to cut out

My little girl loves fairies, and who can blame her – they are so pretty and so magical. If your child likes fairies too they will have a blast with this easy craft activity for Autumn.

Supplies you will need for this Autumn Fairy Paper Craft 

  1. Craft papers/Cardstock papers
  2. Pencil.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Popsicle Stick.
  7. Marker pen.
  8. A Printer for the template

Instructions: How to make your Autumn Fall Fairy Craft

Print out the PDF templates (free download available at the end of this blog post) 

Step 1:

Cut out the pieces for our fairy craft from cardstock paper using the PDF templates.

For younger children and toddlers, print and cut everything before hand so they can get started straight away.

For slightly older kids, they can use this as an opportunity to work on their cutting skills. Using scissors is a great fine motor work out! Depending on your child’s level, you could have your preschooler cut out the easier shapes like the big rectangle with straight lines, and help them out with the slightly trickier ones.

Step 2:

Take the long rectangular paper, and fold it into accordion folds. This is another step that’s great fine motor practice for little hands.

Step 3:

Next, take the front hair (fringes) and glue it on the top front of the fairy’s head using the pieces that you have cut out in step 1.

Step 4:

Next, glue the back of the hair behind the head so that the fairy’s hair flows down behind her

Step 5:

Then, glue the top part of the fairy’s dress’s on top of her body.

Step 6:

Now you are ready to glue the accordion folded skirt on the bottom, and you can see the Autumn fairy paper craft is starting to shape up really well.

Step 7:

Then, you will need to glue the fairy’s hands and legs on to her body.

Step 8:

After that, you’re ready to join the fairy’s wings on to her back using glue. A simple glue stick like pritt-stick will work great for this craft, or if you prefer you can use a white glue like PVA glue, and a glue spreader.

Step 9:

Once, you’ve added the fairy wings, glue on the eyes and use marker pens to draw the face on the fairy. Kids can use their creativity to make her pretty face exactly how they would like it. Add a nice smile, and some rosy cheeks.

Step 10:

Next, take the leaf crown and start glueing each of the leaves on to the crown strip.

Step 11:

Finish glueing all the leaves to complete your fairy craft.

Isn’t she cute? This fairy is perfect to fly around the woodlands during Autumn, or to attend the fairy kingdom Harvest festival party. The limit is your child’s imagination.

You could make a few different fairies together, adding details like glitter or sequins to make each one different. Or use our black and white template to change up the colours and patterns for your fairy outfits.

Colours like green, yellow, plum, and gold also work really well for a fall fairy vibe.

Make a few of the fall fairies and string them together to create a garland decoration. Sometimes we need a little extra something to dress up our homes and make them feel festive for the season.

This is especially true at the end of summer, when we’re all ready for fall and looking to welcome it with open arms. The best way to do this? With cute crafts, of course! And paper crafts are one of the easiest and most convenient craft ideas to make with the kids.

Free Printable Craft Template for your Fall Fairy 

Click the download link below the PDF file for your free instant download. 

We have two versions of the template available – black and white or colour. You may prefer black and white which is lighter on ink use for your printer, and colour and decorate yourself. Or you may prefer the full colour version for a template that’s good to go straight away for quick results. It’s up to you!

You can preview both below before you decide.

Black and white Fall Fairy Template

Full Colour Fall Fairy Paper Craft Printable Template

Have fun! Feel free to share this craft idea and blog post with your friends or pin on Pinterest.

What will you call your fairy? Check out our list of Autumn inspired baby names and maybe you will find the perfect idea!

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  1. Definitely something the little ones in my family can use. I’ll pass it along to her. Kids crafts are definitely for motor skills. I loved the skirt part the most. Only knew what it was till i looked closed. Very creative. Black and white is better for more effort for kids to put in. Xx
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