Fisher-Price Hippo Projection Soother Review

The Fisher-Price Hippo Projection Soother is an extremely cute baby product, which also has a functional role as a soother for bed time. The Hippo offers a starry night show that projects on to the ceiling, as well as music or soothing nature sounds, which are calming and relaxing to help encourage sleep.

We were sent the Fisher Price hippo projection soother to review, and have been trying it out with Baby N who is now aged 7 months. The hippo is suitable right from birth, and I can see it still being useful into the toddler years.

The Hippo Projection Soother can sit on a dresser or table top at bed time to help soothe baby, by filling the room with soothing starry lights. The lights are static, and don’t flash around keeping your baby over stimulated at bed time, they’re calm and relaxing. Because of the dome shape in the middle of the hippo, the light cover a large section of the ceiling, making them really effective.

The music and nature sounds settings offer 30 minutes of music, which are all easily controlled via simple buttons on the side of the hippo soother.

After 30 minutes, the music then switches off automatically, by which time hopefully your baby has gone back to sleep! If you want to stop the music before 30 minutes, you can just press the same button again an d it will turn off straight away.

I’ve found the hippo useful for early mornings, when baby N may wake up very early but after a quick feed she still needs to go back to sleep for another hour or so. At bed time she doesn’t need much help to fall asleep but at that time, she needs a bit more soothing so the music is really nice to keep her happy while she lies in bed, and then often falls back to sleep until a slightly more reasonable waking time!

The cuddly head and legs of the hippo are really cute, with a pattern on the sole of the feet, and their plush texture creates a comforting and soothing bedtime or naptime routine both at home and away. I like the little details of the hearts on the cheeks, and the eye lashes, which all add to it’s cuteness.

The hippo soother is also available in blue, which is equally as cute!

You can pick up the Fisher Price Soother from retailers including Smyths, for around RRP £22.99

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