How to Safely DIY Upgrade Your Home When You Have Small Kids

There are many DIY projects that you can do at home without that much experience. You don’t even need to pay that arm and leg to buy all the equipment, because you can rent it out instead! With these two facts in mind, there are so many great projects you can take on to spruce up your home and make it into a custom, beautiful space for your whole family. So long as it doesn’t deal with anything structural, electrical, or to do with the plumbing, you are generally set to try it out for yourself. 

The only thing you do need to think about, really, is the safety of yourself and your family. This is easy when it’s just you or your partner, but it can be hard to keep them safe if you have little kids. They wander in, they touch things they shouldn’t, and in general, there are a lot of dangerous items around the home that pose a risk. A risk, that is, unless you use this guide to keep them safe: 

Start with a Kid-Free Workshop 

If you want to save big and transform your house through DIY’s power, you will need to start by building a great kid-free workshop. This is where all those dangerous tools and materials will be stored, so it’s easier for little kids if they have an off-limits space (and can be locked). 

This can be your garage, but if you don’t have one, or need it for storage, then a great alternative is heavy-duty garden workshops. This way, you can have a great little workshop for yourself where you get creative. During the summers, when you are working on projects, your kids can have fun outside, and you can keep an eye on them. When your home is all done, you can then transform it into a great little summer cabin or craft shop. The possibilities are endless! 

Make Rules and Stick with Them 

Make a set of very, very simple rules, and then stick to them. This is how you get even little kids to follow the rules to keep them safe, though it isn’t always a guarantee. Locks and child-proof latches are perfect for enforcing the rules when you don’t have your eyes on them. 

Get the Kids Out of the House for the Biggest Jobs 

If you are sawing through a lot of wood, or are otherwise working on a project that needs you to wear a respirator to stay safe, then it’s a good idea to get young kids out of the house. They will have a hard time keeping respirators or masks on their faces, so a trip to their grandparents or visiting a friend is to keep them safe! 

Make Projects They Can Enjoy 

Kids want to be a part of what you are doing to keep them out of harm’s way during the more serious DIY projects you have in mind that they can stay in the house for and come up with craft projects for them! There are so many kid-friendly crafts they can get up to and enjoy so you can both work on improving your home together. 

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