Car Seat Safety Tips When Taking a Road Trip with Kids

Many parents feel they’ve got a pretty good grasp on keeping their child safe in the car, especially if they have multiple children. Having more parenting experience is definitely good, but it is better to be cautious as well.

Unfortunately, nobody can completely protect anyone in the event of a car accident. All we can do is follow the laws and guidelines from car seat manufacturers and experts.

Common Children’s Car Seat Mistakes

Here are the most common mistakes that parents make when taking a family road trip with kids:

  • Car seat is not installed properly, it’s loose and does not have either the tether and/or the lower seat anchors hooked up properly.
  • The children themselves are not buckled in properly. If and when an accident occurs, the child could be suddenly moved and be injured more severely, even fatally, if the straps and buckle are too loose.
  • Some parents are moving their children up into the next sized car seat too soon. Seats in a car are designed for adults, and not for children.

Solutions to Common Problems and Car Seat Safety Tips

To check if the seat is installed properly, you should consult your car owner’s manual to locate the lower anchors and top tether hook up. There also should be a manual with the car seat. Many cars/seats use the LATCH system(Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children). Research the system, if you need help.


The straps should be snug and the buckle and chest clasp should be connected and secure. Remember that bulky coats can often make the straps loose. Take the coat off the child, buckle them, and then cover them with the coat or a blanket to keep them warm. Remember, you should only be able to slip a few fingers beneath the straps. Even if the child complains that the straps are too tight, it’s better to be safe than lose them if you were to be involved in a car accident. Here are some baby car seat safety tips.


Adjust the car seat 


The longer an infant child or even a toddler can stay in a rear facing car seat, the better. Only switch to a forward facing car seat, when it is necessary. This is when the child has reached the limits set by the manufacturer.


Using the tether provided


Make sure you are using the tether provided if you are using a forward facing car seat. If you are in the market for a new car seat, you should consider the Daiichi First7 Plus car seat.


Maintain the use of it 

Children’s car seats do expire! You should be careful when taking a used car seat. The plastic can become brittle and not be as safe in the event of a crash. Also, ensure that the seat you are taking hasn’t already been in a car accident.



There are many misconceptions regarding the safety of children’s car seats. Just be sure to check if your child’s car seat is going to be safer, in the worst case scenario. I hope that you have gained some insight on common children’s car seat mistakes and safety tips to help make your kids safer while traveling in the car.

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