Pokemon Fathers Day Card and Gift Ideas

One of the most fun things about parenthood is when your child starts to get interested in the same things that you used to enjoy, play with or watch as a child. Pokemon is one of those things that has been going strong for so many years. It came out when we were young, and now Mr Z is at the age where he has started to get interested in Pokemon too. As the other boys have seen Mr Z becoming interested in Pokemon, they also copy this too!

We were sent some Fathers Day gifts from the people at Pokemon and the boys also decorated a Pokemon Fathers Day card for their Dad. We decided to use hi lighters for this to give a glowing effect

Pokemon fathers day card

The boys had fun decorating the card and their Pokemon colouring pictures for their Dada

Pokemon colouring pictures

Pokemon colouring pages


They will give Dada his Pokemon Fathers Day box on the weekend and I’m sure they will have lots of fun playing together!

On Mothers Day and Fathers Day we love to make sure that we get quality time to play with their kids and enjoy their company, making fun memories together because that is ultimately what parenthood is all about.



Mr Z in particular will love showing all the Pokemon cards to his dad and playing with them together, he finds it really cool. Their Dada is a gamer although these days he hardly gets the time to play on his xbox and playstation like he used to, but when we get a chance to play games together as a family that’s something that we all really enjoy. Mr Z and Dada will have great fun playing Pokemon X together on Mr Z’s Nintendo 2ds.

We went to the Pokemon XY launch back in December and had lots of fun, as it was a weekend we went as a whole family with their Dad too.

If your little one would like some Pokemon colouring pages to print out and decorate for their Dad, you can try some of these:

Pokemon Colouring Pages

More Pokemon colouring pages

Happy Fathers Day for Sunday!

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