A couple of weeks ago we went along to the Pokemon XY event at London Zoo. The boys actually weren’t too familiar with Pokemon before hand but as Mr Z has started to get really interested in computer or console games I thought he would enjoy the chance to try this out. He is also now getting older (well only 5, but moving out of the preschool age range now!) so he wants to try out new and more grown up toys, and Pokemon fits in well with that too.

I definitely made the right choice to take the boys along, as they all really enjoyed the event and Mr Z in particular has really taken to Pokemon. He is now attempting to save up for a nintendo 3DS to play the new Pokemon game! (I think I will have to help him out a bit as saving all that may take him a while!)

PokemonXY on nintendo 2ds

The Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games launched in October and are exclusively for Nintendo 3DS consoles. The game is recommend as Pegi 7 but Mr Z at age 5 was able to play it fine. Once the concept was explained to him, and he was given a little help to get going, he was happily playing and knew exactly what to do. I think we would be able to explain exactly what you do in the game better than me but it involves battling pokemons and collecting different characters. He loved the idea of seeing the scores of which Pokemon are better and which are weak, and seeing what different moves they could do. There is a new world and new Pokemon included in this game – Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie and the legendary Pokemon Xermeas and Yveltal. All of the Pokemon are new to us really! But Mr Z has taken a liking to Fennekin and tells me that this is the best Pokemon, while Mr T likes Froakie the frog. Mr R preferred the classic Pikachu as he really liked the giant Pikachu who came to visit the children at the event!

PokemonXY PikachuThe boys also enjoyed the Pokemon themed cakes and colouring

pokemonxy cakespokemonxy colouringMr T also had his face painted as Froakie as you can see here

pokemonxy froakieThe Pokemon card game was also on show at the event. We didn’t actually get to try it out because the boys were too busy in the other activities! We did get some sets of cards in our goodie bag though and the boys love the idea of this, although they have not yet grasped the full rules of the game (they are quite complex) but I do think this is something Mr Z would definitely enjoy collecting as he gets older.

We have also downloaded the free Pokemon TV app to watch episodes through our iPad and iPhone which is a great idea.

To find out more about the new PokemonXY and what’s available, have a look at the Pokemon website and the PokemonXY website and be sure to check out Like the official Pokémon Facebook page and follow Pokémon on Twitter to ensure you’re receiving the latest news about Pokémon TCG.


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