How to Make a No Carve Pikachu Pumpkin

Choosing a favourite character is a fun way to personalise your own pumpkins for Halloween. No carve pumpkin decorating ideas like this are more kid friendly too, with no sharp blades around, and no pumpkin guts to deal with. You can even make them with craft pumpkins too.

We made this mini Pikachu pumpkin using a small craft pumpkin, because I haven’t seen real pumpkins in the shops here yet but I didn’t want to wait to get going on our Halloween crafts – I do like to think ahead!

How to make an easy no carve pumpkin Pikachu. Cute idea for kids who love Pokemon! This could not have been simpler


To make our Pumpkin Pikachu we used:

Polystyrene pumpkins from Baker Ross (you can get them in packs of 6 or 30)

Yellow acrylic paint

Felt tips / marker pens (black and red)


Glue dots


To make your Pikachu pumpkin, first paint the entire pumpkin yellow and then leave to dry. You might need a couple of coats if you decided to use ready mix paint rather than acrylic.

yellow painted pumpkin

Paint some of the card too, because you’ll need it to cut out Pikachu’s ears and tail. You can draw these free hand and colour the tips of his ears in black.

Use the glue dots to stick each of these onto your pumpkin.

Making a pikachu pumpkin

It’s starting to look a lot like Pikachu already! Now all you need to do is draw in his face, using your felt tip pens. We did Pikachu with a closed mouth since that’s simpler, but you could also draw his open mouth with red inside, if you prefer that look.

Don’t forget his bright red cheeks that really give him his unmistakeable “Pikachu” look!

no carve pikachu pumpkin

You could try other Pokemon too, and make a whole collection! If you do make more Pokemon pumpkins, come and show me on the In The Playroom Facebook page.

And look out for our Lego Ninjago Green Ninja pumpkin that I’ll be sharing here soon.


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