Pick Your Own Strawberries

I have been meaning to take the kids to a Pick Your Own strawberries farm for a couple of years now, but we have always missed it so with lovely weather last weekend, and strawberry season in full swing we decided to take a trip to one of our local strawberry farms – Bullscroft farm in Hertfordshire. Strawberry season tends to come from the middle of May to the middle of June, so if you have been meaning to go and pick them then you need to go in the next couple of weeks!

The boys are always keen to pick any fruit that grows in our garden, so they were more than happy to go out and pick some strawberries!

pick your own strawberries

The farms are free to enter, you just take a punnet (or three in our case!) and pay for the strawberries that you pick so it’s a very cheap outing for the kids and an easy way to keep them entertained for an hour or so.

freshly picked strawberries

There’s plenty of space for the children to run around near to the strawberry picking area, although not a lot of shade nearby so if you go on a very hot day – bring some hats!

It’s important for kids to learn where food comes from, rather than just thinking about our food coming from the supermarket it’s good to see first hand how to pick the fruit, how to choose the best ripe and juicy strawberries and to leave the ones which are not ready yet. These strawberries are all picked from the ground, I think there are some places where you can go and pick them from slightly higher up but here it’s in rows from the ground.

picking strawberries

They all quickly learned which ones are the best to pick and Mr Z was keen to race to get the most.

pick your own strawberries

He filled up a full container and Mr R’s was pretty much full too, we had to give Mr T a bit of extra help but still he got quite a lot.

pick your own strawberries farm

pick your own strawberries - strawberry picking with toddlers

It was a lovely and easy way to spend some fun time outdoors on the weekend. We normally end up going for full day trips a bit further afield but on a weekend when you fancy having a quieter day, this makes a perfect short trip out with the kids.

going strawberry picking

"pick here" strawberry field

I’m sure we will go back for more strawberries next year!

picked strawberry

In Bullscroft Farm they also have an old tractor there which is a nice touch, the kids enjoyed having a look at it

bullscroft farm hertfordshire tractor

Have you been to pick your own strawberries this year? Soon I’ll be sharing some ideas of loads of recipes you can make with strawberries just incase you pick lots and lots and lots and want some inspiration! 

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Have a great weekend everyone!

strawberry picking on a summer day

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  1. We have a near by pick your own. Sometimes we pop over after school. Children love it. They have both ground and raised systems. The children prefer the ones growing on the ground. Just wonderful to visit. #CountryKids
    Cheryl recently posted…Night Jar night walkMy Profile

  2. I can’t believe it is PYI time already, I think it must catch me out every year as I seam to miss the strawberries and end up rasberry picking instead. Loving the look of your strawberries so I’m going to try and find somewhere local now. I love that last photo. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids
    Coombemill recently posted…Country Kids from Coombe MillMy Profile

  3. I used to love doing this as a child – we really should take our two but don’t think we will fit it in this year now! Looks like your boys had a great time – you can’t beat the taste of freshly picked strawberries can you?!

  4. Aww i love to see the little ones picking strawberries, it reminds me of when i was young helping my mum pick rasps and strawberries for her jam making 😀

  5. We went strawberry picking this afternoon as our local PYO opened for the summer yesterday. I so look forward to them (and the cherries, which will be sling soon). #whwh


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