The Best 90s Toys That Are Still Going Strong

….and the ones that we remember fondly, that are no more.

80s & 90s toys that are still going strong

the best 80s and 90s toys. The ones that are still going strong, and the ones that are no longer around. Great 90s nostalgia



She may have had different fashion styles over the years, but our favourite doll is still as popular as ever. Oh the hours of fun we had!

Barbie in the 90s and the 00s. Then and now


I hope Lego never goes out of style. Lego has changed over the years, with the introduction of Lego Friends and more movie and character tie-in sets but the basic bricks are still around if you want them, and there are so many creative ways to play.


80s lego advert




lego bricks

My Little Pony

My Little Pony has changed style over the years too but is just as popular as ever. We love the plush My Little Ponys that you can get nowadays, I would have been desperate for one of those as a kid. I did have this though…



my little pony 2015

build a bear my little pony rainbow dash

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I remember waking up early to watch TMNT. Those turtles were always the coolest, and 15 years later my kids think so too!

TMNT 90s and now

Care Bears

The sweetest toys of the 80s and 90s; the Care Bears have had a recent come back. We have one of the new ones and he is super cute!

Care bear tender heart

Mr Potato Head

Kept popular due to his appearance in Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 – Mr Potato Head has remained a classic for many years

mr potato head


Whether shop bought or home made, playdough is forever a favourite with kids. New varieties come and go (kinetic sand is currently a popular one), but whatever form it takes – mouldable dough is a children’s classic.


The ones we dearly miss


My favourite 80s toy! I was excited to see them reintroduced in the 00s, but the new design was a little creepy – in the form of a “tell me your secrets popple” with a recording device included inside.

popples 80 toys


Ugly in the cutest way. Trolls of all sizes were awesome, especially the pencil toppers.

90s toys trolls

Koosh Ball

These are still around, but not so commonly seen. The simple Koosh Ball was so much fun!

KOOSH balls


Does anyone even remember how to play this? All I know is you had a stack of pogs and a slammer, and the shiny pogs were a thing of envy

pogs 90s toys

Cupcake Dolls

A doll that turned into a cake, and was scented. Kids of today are missing out on these!

cupcake dolls

A few 90s toys trends that are best left in the past


Let’s face it, they didn’t really do much!

Tamagotchi 90s

Puppy Surprise

Rip their stomach open, and find out how many puppies are inside! Just a little weird.

puppy surprise 90s toy

Beanie Babies

They were cute, but what was with the whole “tag protector” thing?

beanie baby tag protectors


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4 thoughts on “The Best 90s Toys That Are Still Going Strong”

  1. i loved my little pony and I also loved trolls two things my kids now love. However I had a big thing for the turtles and had turtle shorts and t shirt and to complete my look I had there tattoos all over my arms, but not one of my three boys or my daughter shares this as they really don’t like them. And pog they were banned from my school cant remember why though , I can remember that you stacked the pogs then you hit the top with your shiny slammer and any that tipped over with the back showing and not the picture or pattern you won . The person with the most after the last pog turned over was the winner. Not sure now if there were other games you could play but that’s the one we played. At a car boot last year I picked up a bag full for one of my boys only paying a couple of pound and they were a huge hit.

  2. I recently wrote a similar post like this.
    I loved the 90’s! I used to have a tamagotchi! I look back and wonder why?! Haha!
    I also had those gooey aliens! We all thought they would get pregnant if we rubed two together, on the back haha! Those were the days.
    Beth recently posted…MUMMY TRIES, SHE REALLY DOES.My Profile


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