Hape Monster Math Scale Review

The Monster Math Scale from Hape is a fun and educational wooden toy, teaching young children the basics of math and gravity, as they work out how many weights the monster can hold in each arm.

This toy is an ideal hands on way to get to grips with early mathematical and numeracy concepts, through play and experimentation.

Hape Monster Math Scale

The scale is made from good quality wooden and plastic materials and feels really well made and durable. The funny monster has a scale on each arm, and you get 9 larger weights and 11 smaller weights, which children can use to balance and experiment with.

The Hape Monster Scale toy comes with a visual booklet of problems to solve. This really helps if you want to use this in a little more structured way. There is an easy level for beginners and a difficult level as your child’s math skills develop, so you can find the appropriate place to start and then work through together with your child. 

For the youngest children, they will be working on basic number recognition and matching up the right quantities of the smaller weights which are each worth one, to make the scale balance.

Once they have mastered this concept, children can mix and match different amounts to make up the numbers in different ways. This helps with a deeper understanding of how numbers work, and is a practical way of experiencing number bonds with the numbers between 1-10.

My 4 year old daughter N enjoyed playing with the Monster scale. It is easy to pull out and play with any time, with very little set up. Children of N’s age can play easily with this Hape Monster Math Scale toy independently.

N has just started reception, and I know that these basic numeracy skills will give her a great foundation to work on. Understanding how numbers work, and experiencing that in a hands on way through play is the best foundation to start learning and progressing in all areas of Maths.

This interactive monster scale definitely makes learning fun, and it is so cute!

Brand: Hape

Price: £28.00

Age suitability: 3 years +

Stockists: Wicked Uncle & Amazon

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Hape Monster Scale

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