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decluttering the homeI really hate it when the house is in a mess, but lately I have noticed more and more clutter starting to accumulate everywhere so I am thinking of taking a weekend just to totally declutter it all. With the children back at school for a new school year (well, 1.5 of them atleast! :D) giving me a couple more free hours in the day, It is definitely time to think about decluttering the home

The children’s playroom is actually the worst culprit at the moment. We have the Ikea Expedit system in their room which I do love, but I made the mistake of buying more boxes thinking it will make everything more organised and in fact it hasn’t. The children can now not see where everything is so they keep tipping everything out, toys are being put in the wrong boxes and mixed up horribly and the whole thing is turning into a disaster. I need to clear out the clutter and rubbish, sort everything, label up all the boxes and hopefully order will be restored.

The children’s clothes are another area which needs sorting out, as they keep outgrowing things! I also want to go through and put away all the summer clothes now that Autumn seems to have arrived.

I do wonder about doing a car boot sale or selling a lot of our unwanted things on ebay but I sometime find we don’t get around to it. I do find it worthwhile to sell the bigger items though to make some extra money while clearing out. It is quite easy to sell old consoles online and this is something we will have to think of doing if we decided to upgrade our Xbox when the new Xbox one comes out.

My to-do list is:

  • Sort out all the toys, get rid of some of the extra boxes or move them upstairs. Have more toys on display so the children can easily see which ones to take without pouring everything on the floor
  • New book case for the children’s playroom, and then clear out some of the very young baby books to pass on to friends with younger children
  • New labels for all the toy boxes we do keep. I am thinking photos of the contents, attached the outside of each box as well as written labels
  • Organise children’s clothes. Summer clothes to put away and clothes that are outgrown to go to the charity shop.
  • Sort out and sell any old consoles, phones (I will be upgrading my phone soon I hope!) and clear out any old dvds or games to make space.

I don’t enjoy decluttering it always takes so long but the end results will be worth it! I will keep looking at all the gorgeous rooms on Pinterest for motivation!!

Do any of you have any decluttering tips for me, or great ideas to share especially for toy storage? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I just hate clutter in my home and one thing I realised that when I am single then there comes no problem in organising things in my home but after getting married I think it too unorganised. I think I also have to make to-do list. Dear…thanks for this inspiration and now I am just waiting to see my home organised.
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  2. Why do we always find our houses end up with too much clutter? I wish I was more organised and didn’t let it get in a mess, but guess it’ll never be. You do though sound very organised and have an action plan. Hopefully I find what I’ve read in your post inspiring and helps me to make a start here too. Thanks.

  3. I don’t like having too much clutter around the house either, but I am a bit of a hoarder as well! I use self storage for the items I know I will need but not necessarily at the time, but you have definitely inspired me to have a sort out, Pintrest is definitely one to keep an eye on!


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