Do You Need A Security System In A Condo Unit?

Living in a condo unit is generally considered a safe option as buildings have sufficient security measures in place.

Condominium security usually means having security personnel manning the entry to the building, as well as security equipment in common areas such as corridors, elevators, and building perimeter. But is this enough?

While the security measures that your condo observe should be generally enough in preventing non-residents from having access to the premises most of the time, there’s no harm in fortifying your unit’s security so that you can feel more confident that you are safe.

Here are ways on how having a security system for your condo unit can help:

  1. Having a security system for your unit helps address shortfalls from the building security

As mentioned, the condo building’s security personnel as well as security equipment should be generally enough in keeping criminals away.

But we really can’t tell when a well-planned heist comes in play, taking advantage of blind spots in security cameras, or a perpetrator gaining access to the building after the security guard gets distracted.

In such case, you will have additional protection ensuring that you and your unit have a dependable second layer of protection.

  1. Having your own security system gives you control on your protection

There are lots of cases where a crime is done or assisted with someone from inside.

Condos are no exception. A building employee, a resident, or a guest can all be a perpetrator.

An inside job might just be the cause of someone being able to infiltrate an unsuspecting unit. 

With your own security system in place, you will be able to ensure that your unit is safe, and that you are the only one in control of the additional layer of security that you have placed.

By doing this, you will be more confident that you are in control of the security of your own unit. 

  1. A security system can help you manage your unit remotely

By using certain security systems, you will have the ability to control your unit even when you’re not in it.

This is especially helpful when you need to give someone access to your unit but have no opportunity to hand out the keys to your unit.

This is a good option if you are offering your unit as a rental, especially for short-term arrangements such as Airbnb.

What security devices are recommended for condos?

If you are planning boost your condo’s security, here are some security devices that you should try:

  1. Smart lock

A smart lock can help you replace a traditional door lock for your condo.

Not only does this help you address issues with traditional locks such as losing your keys, smart locks also have other helpful features such as using pin for entry, which you can easily change every now and then. This great for units used as Airbnb rentals.

  1. Security camera

Your building may have security cameras in place for corridors and other common areas, but having one inside your unit can help you keep an eye on your unit even when you’re not around.

At the very least, having one that is focused on your main door should be enough so that you are aware who enters your unit.

  1. Door alarm

Having an alarm can help deter criminals who try to enter your unit when you’re sleeping, or when you’re not around. 

  1. Peephole camera

To have a better view of who is on the other side of the door, you can also try having a peephole camera that clearly shows if you are opening the door for the right person.

Keep your unit safe with the right condominium security system

Having your own security system in place can help boost your condominium unit’s security.

You can never go wrong with being more careful. So check out your options and find the right condominium security system for you.

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  1. Security cameras are a more reliable choice to protect your property and yourselves. For best results, give preference to wireless options. Wireless cameras are less susceptible to physical damage by criminals.


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