Fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues Game with Free Printables

If you’re preparing an Easter egg hunt for the kids, you’ll need plenty of chocolate eggs to find but also some Easter egg hunt clues to have the perfect egg hunt for the whole family, and make it as fun as possible.

Each year, we love to get out Easter goodies, Easter decorations and a bunch of clues to have an Easter egg hunt in our garden with family and friends. The kids are always really excited!

This year, try a fun Easter Egg Hunt Clues game with your kids or grandkids and print out the free printable clues below! It’s the perfect way to play and celebrate Easter.

Find hidden Easter Eggs, read clues and uncover fun facts about the holiday.

Setting up an Easter Egg Hunt

A garden Easter egg hunt is so much fun for kids of all ages. Here’s how ours went, and you can download the printable PDF Easter egg hunt clues at the end of this post.

Waitrose woodland friends Easter eggs for an easter hunt

Easter egg hunts are so much fun for kids of all ages!

The Waitrose woodland friends eggs are so pretty with brightly coloured foil, I knew they would look great glittering in the grass for the children to find. This package comes with press out sign posts, and you can use the cardboard pack as an Easter basket. We hid a few of the other sweets around the place too for some variety.

coloured easter eggs

We used an Easter egg hunt map with clues, and 10 Spring themed questions and answers. The full pack is available to download as a printable pdf at the end of the post if you would like to use it with your kids.

easter egg hunt

The boys tried their best to study the map and then raced off to see what clues and Easter eggs they could find. Mr T especially is really interested in maps at the moment, and has been drawing me some amazing maps! I remember enjoying Easter egg hunts with clues as a child too, it just makes it all the more fun!

It took a while for them to find all the eggs!

easter egg hunt

 The first few were found easily but some proved a little trickier! They easily found the eggs on the climbing frame, but not the ones hiding in the long grass or near the sand pit. It was cute to see them sliding down the slide victorious with the Easter eggs they found!

easter egg hunt

Lots of questions were found along the way too, and they worked together to answer them. The questions are a good mix of easy and not too easy.

easter egg hunt clue

 One of the easier clues: “What do you do to a plant to help it grow“?

easter hunt

Finally, once the kids have solved the clues and found all of the Easter eggs it is time to eat the chocolate!

easter egg hunt

The boys all loved the Waitrose eggs. They are perfect for an Easter egg hunt as they are not too big so it’s okay for them to eat a couple. They are just the right size for little hands.

Don’t forget to have baby wipes ready at the end for all the little chocolatey hands and faces! ๐Ÿ™‚

chocolate Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunt Clues

Which of the four seasons is it? Answer: Spring

Name a spikey friend that awakes from hibernation and is seen more frequently at this time of year? Answer: Hedgehog

Name the baby animal a sheep gives birth to? Answer: Lamb

What is a bunny rabbitโ€™s home called? Answer: Warren

What does a butterfly start its life as? Answer: A Caterpillar

Name a yellow spring flower beginning with D? Answer: Daffodil

What is bright, yellow and is seen in the sky? Answer: The sun

What baby โ€˜Cโ€™ hatches out of an egg? Answer: A baby chick

Frogspawn is found in ponds around springtime, what does it turn into that begins with a โ€˜Tโ€™? Answer: Tadpoles

What do you do to a plant to help it grow? Answer: Water it

garden Easter egg hunt

How to use these Easter egg hunt clues for an Easter Game

There are several ways this game can be played โ€“ in the garden, park, local farm or even in the house if it rains, and very little planning is needed:

  • Choose a trail with stopping points and, at the first point, ask the children the first question and hide the answer and an Easter treat nearby.
  • Move on to the next point and question once they have found the answer.
  • Hide both the question and answer, ask the children to find them, and then ask them to match the correct question with the answer. Each correct match gets an Easter treat.

Ideas for Easter treats to hide

  • Small foil wrapped Easter eggs
  • Small packets of Easter sweets
  • Small traditional Easter toys such as yellow chicks
  • Other Easter related things they could do later in the day such as crafts, colouring pens and book.
easter treats

This game is recommended for children aged 3+

More Easter Egg Hunt Clues

We also have another pack of free printable Easter egg hunt clues, which give kids hints of where to look to find the next clue, until they follow each one and reach the hidden Easter egg stash.

These clues are great for an indoor Easter egg hunt, as most of them are hidden inside the house. This is perfect if it is raining on Easter Sunday. Your Easter hunt doesn’t need to be cancelled – just move it indoors!

You can find this download in our free Easter Activity Pack, along with mazes, decorations, crafts and other Easter activities.

  1. It’s time to find the eggs, left by the Easter bunny. Grab your basket, hurry hurry hurry! To begin your search here is your first clue, go to the kitchen and check your shoe! (Hide the next clue in a shoe in the kitchen)
  2. The next clue is hiding where you sleep at night, the place where you come and turn off the light. Getting a move on, off you go. Please don’t run, take it slow (Hide by the bedside lamp)
  3. You’re doing a great job, but we’re not done yet. This clue is hidden well, but please don’t fret. Check the place you store your favourite book. This one is tricky so take a good look. (Hide in the bookshelf)
  4. Now it’s time to go back down the stairs, off to the dinner table, check the chairs. This clue doesn’t want to be found, so tiptoe don’t make a sound. (Hide in the dining chair cushions, or on the chair seat)
  5. Let the bunny footprints be your guide, as we take you to where the eggs might hide. This one is hiding where the plants grow. Have a good dig, this one is not on show (hide in the flower bed)
  6. This is the place birds like to perch, up in the sky, have a search. Look up high and you will see, something hanging from that tree (hide in the tree)
  7. One to go we are nearly there! Time to go back inside, the end is near. Surrounded by food, this place is never hot. Find the final clue in this chilly spot. (Hide in the fridge)
  8. Congratulations, you’ve found your last clue! Easter goodies are now waiting for you. Go to the sofa and look all around, see all the eggs that couldn’t be found!
Printable Easter egg hunt clues
printable Easter egg hunt clues for kids

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Download Easter Egg Hunt Clues Printable PDF

To print your own copy of the Easter egg hunt clues and game, click the download button below for the PDF file

Terms of use: free for personal use – free for classroom use – free for community group use.

This Easter holiday, treat your children (and yourself) to an awesome Easter egg hunt game.

With clues hidden in all of these fun Easter Egg Hunt printable games, it’s guaranteed to be a blast.

easter egg hunt clues printables


Have you got any Easter hunts planned for this weekend? Let me know in the comments.

Please share these Easter egg hunt clues printables with friends and family so that everyone can enjoy this Spring time and Easter fun and benefit from these free resources.

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free printable Easter egg hunt clues for kids, to make a backyard Easter egg hunt for all the family.

We hope you enjoy these Easter egg hunt clues with the kids, and Happy Easter!

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