Fun with our Easter Egg Hunt Clues Game

Waitrose kindly sent us some Easter goodies to have an Easter egg hunt in our garden. Mr Z had been asking to do a Easter egg hunt so this was perfect timing and the boys were really excited to get started.

Waitrose woodland friends Easter hunt

 The Waitrose woodland friends eggs are so pretty with brightly coloured foil, I knew they would look great glittering in the grass for the children to find. This package comes with press out sign posts, and you can use the cardboard pack as an Easter basket. We hid a few of the other sweets around the place too for some variety.

coloured easter eggs

 We used an Easter egg hunt map with clues, and 10 Spring themed questions and answers. The full pack is available to download as a printable pdf at the end of the post if you would like to use it with your kids.

easter egg hunt

 The boys tried their best to study the map and then raced off to see what clues and Easter eggs they could find. Mr T especially is really interested in maps at the moment, and has been drawing me some amazing maps! I remember enjoying Easter egg hunts with clues as a child too, it just makes it all the more fun!

It took a while for them to find all the eggs!

easter egg hunt

 The first few were found easily but some proved a little trickier! They easily found the eggs on the climbing frame, but not the ones hiding in the long grass or near the sand pit. It was cute to see them sliding down the slide victorious with the Easter eggs they found!

easter egg hunt

 Lots of questions were found along the way too, and they worked together to answer them. The questions are a good mix of easy and not too easy.

easter egg hunt clue

 One of the easier clues: “What do you do to a plant to help it grow“?

easter hunt

Finally, it was time to eat the chocolate!

easter egg hunt

 The boys all loved the Waitrose eggs. They are perfect for an Easter egg hunt as they are not too big so it’s okay for them to eat a couple. They are just the right size for little hands.

Don’t forget to have baby wipes ready at the end for all the little chocolatey hands and faces! 🙂

To print your own copy of the Easter egg hunt clues and game, click here for the PDF file: Childrens Easter Game

easter egg hunt clues printables

 There are lots more ideas over on the Waitrose Easter for Children hub, with Easter recipes, Easter egg decorating ideas and more.

Have you got any Easter hunts planned for this weekend? Let me know in the comments, or share your Easter posts over on the In The Playroom Facebook page

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