Easter Egg Hunt Coloring Pages for Kids

One of the most fun things about Easter is of course the Easter egg hunts! Kids love running around seeking out all of their colorful eggs and gathering them into their Easter basket.

We have a selection of free printable Easter egg coloring pages here on In The Playroom, and here are a few more Easter coloring pages for kids, this time all about the Easter egg hunt.

Kids of all ages will enjoy coloring in these Easter egg hunt pictures. This is a great calming activity to fill some quiet time either before they hunt for their eggs, or afterwards.

Easter Egg Hunt Coloring Pages

Download all six of these super cute Easter hunt themed coloring pages in one PDFA file at the end of this blog post.

Easter egg hunt girl coloring page

Grab your favorite color crayons and pencils ready for the kids to color this little girl with her Easter basket.

Her happy little face collecting up all the Easter eggs is so sweet.

Easter egg hunt boy coloring page

Color this little boy, he looks so proud with all of the colorful Easter eggs he collected up and gathered into his wicker basket.

Easter egg hunt coloring page

This little girl is counting her Easter eggs on the grass.

Happy Easter Boy Coloring Page

Happy Easter! Kids can color this happy little boy with his Easter t-shirt

Hiding in an Easter Egg Coloring Page

Uh oh, who is that cracking out of the Easter egg? A cheeky little kid! Children will love to color this funny easter picture in bright colors

Easter Chicks Coloring Page

These easter chicks are adorable, with a mum and a little baby girl chick

Copy Coloring

These Easter egg hunt coloring pages are copy coloring pages.

What is copy coloring?

Copy coloring pages show an example for kids to follow to complete their picture. Of course, this is optional – some kids love to follow along and complete their picture in the matching style and some kids prefer to take it in their own direction.

If your child enjoys copy coloring, check out our cinco de mayo coloring pages which are made in the same style.

Easter Crafts and Activities for Kids

Download PDF

Click below for your free instant digital download of the PDF file with all six pages of Easter coloring for kids.

Terms of use – these printable Easter hunt coloring sheets are free for personal use and free for classroom use.


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free printable easter kids coloring pages

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